Lamborghinis are never a first choice when it comes to off-road vehicles. But if you like to push the limits of a car, this video might interest you!

Known for its particularly delicious engine sound with its 6.5 liter atmospheric V12 which develops between 700 and 770 horsepower, the Lamborghini Aventador was transformed into a car to face the snow.

This change is the result of the inventive spirit of the Youtubeur The Stradman, who decided to replace the wheels of his Aventador with four snow tracks, allowing him, according to him, to go for a ride behind the wheel of this monster in powder snow.

The Italian put to the test

Despite its system of all-wheel drive, the Aventador was never designed to go over snowy terrain, and it comes through throughout the video. With its beautiful proportions and its iconic silhouette, rather thin and sporty, we will be tempted to know how the installation of these tracks could not damage the body of the Lambo!

It is therefore with a certain skill that the Aventador has transformed into a car much larger and wider than the others, in order to be able to welcome its new companions. In terms of her performance in the snow, the deep powder snow in the landscape is proving too difficult for the Italian to handle.

This shows that these lands are not not its natural habitat. While changing gears, the car broke down and its clutch was found destroy… What a sad adventure for this jewel! As you will have understood, it is not recommended to take such risks with a car that costs as much as this one.

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