The SSC Tuatara is officially the fastest car in the world. But its peak at 455 km / h confirms even more the lie of the previous announced record.

Yes, the SSC Tuatara has been the fastest car in the world for a few hours. During a third attempt organized on the track of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida (after the road to Las Vegas and a first attempt in Florida), the American supercar succeeded in having an average speed record approved at 455.2 km / h, with 450.1 km / h in one direction and 460.4 km / h in the other direction. It thus breaks the previous speed record held by the Koenigsegg Agera RS at 447 km / h.

Video of the new record

But this new record is also significantly lower than the first speed record announced by SSC, when the American manufacturer communicated a delirious peak at 532 km / h (and an average speed of more than 508 km / h in both directions) . After strong questioning of the reality of this record, expressed by Youtubers by analyzing the sequences of the official video, SSC had advanced explanations that were at the very least eccentric defending its honesty … but admitting that it was going to be necessary retry the record.

Much slower than Bugatti

Certainly, this new SSC record does not suffer from any possible dispute. It was carried out according to the rules of the art, with verifiable measurements. And the video of the record suggests that the Tuatara could have driven even faster with a longer track, since it still accelerates when the foot is lifted on the gas to 460 km / h. But certainly not to the point of approaching the 532 km / h of the first fallacious record: in the end, it will have driven 72 km / h less quickly at top speed and 53 km / h slower at average speed!

Not only does the SSC remain at 30 km / h from the mark left by the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ (unapproved record because in one direction), but it will have improved Koenigsegg’s mark by only 8 km / h. SSC intends to do better on a next attempt, and get as close as possible to 300 mph (482.8 km / h). But the new Hennessey Venom F5 (1,817 hp) and the Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut (1,600 hp with aerodynamics specially optimized for top speed) may well beat it quite widely. And we still haven’t seen her negotiating the slightest turn …