In March 2021, the book is printed: a book of 400 pages which lists:

420 addresses for green, local and supportive housing (guest rooms and ecological, school-based lodges, solidarity hotels, campsites in harmony with nature, farm accommodation, committed youth hostels, etc.);

420 addresses for green, local and inclusive dining (restaurants, markets, associative cafes, tables d’hôtes) with organic, local, seasonal, vegetarian, vegan products;

340 addresses to discover the initiatives that are building the world of tomorrow : visits, initiations, workshops, internships and training in permaculture, eco-construction, zero waste, life in self-sufficiency, life in an eco-village, alternative pedagogy, interior transition, etc. ;

500 addresses for original activities, off the beaten track and committed : nature reserves, cycling routes, educational farms, yoga, meditation, personal development, forest baths, fasting and hiking, micro-adventures;

420 addresses for action : nature volunteering, social volunteering, participatory projects, citizen mobilizations, collective waste collection, etc. in associations for the protection of the environment or which come to the aid of the most disadvantaged, in schoolchildren, animal shelters.