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At the end of a difficult 2019 season, punctuated by personal errors and marked by the ultimately uncontested domination of Mercedes, Sebastian Vettel had made his own criticism himself on the evening of the last Grand Prix. Aware of having to do better, convinced of being able to do so, the German did not turn away from his goal: to win the world title with Ferrari. A quest in which he undertakes for himself, and he explains it.

"That's why I'm here", he says in the columns of Motorsport-Magazin. "I want to prove it to myself, that's what matters most to me. You can never prove yourself in the eyes of everyone. I can't do it, but it doesn't matter for me. Whether I'm good or not, some like it and some don't. Don't make me say what I didn't say, I don't want to sound too selfish, but I do it for myself. I take a lot fun, I love what I do and I'm very ambitious. I want to accomplish something with this team. It's my motivation, it's my goal. I want to prove to myself that I can do it. "

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In this mission that he started in 2015 when he joined Scuderia Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel ensures that the past has no place. Having won four world titles with Red Bull Racing previously would not mitigate the disappointment if he could not one day afford the crown he wants to conquer in red.

"I don't see it like that", he warns. "I don't think to myself: 'Ah, I won [the title] in the past, I don't have to win it again'. I don't think that the slightest success won before will allow me to win at At the same time, I am very privileged to have been in this situation more than once, to have been able to prove to myself that I could be the best, that I could beat the best and that I "was among them. But I don't get up in the morning thinking," I'm the best! "I know you can read a lot in books that tell you how to think or that sort of thing. It doesn't work for me. "

"I don't read these books, it doesn't work for me. I don't wake up and tell myself that I'm the best and that I can't be beat. I get up and know I can be the best and beat the best. It brings me great joy. I want to do it, and above all I want to get there. It means more to me to win with this team. I know I'm not there yet, but I want to do it. "

"We are in a bubble"

Vettel Winning with Ferrari quotmeans even more to mequot - Vettel: Winning with Ferrari "means even more to me" -

Sebastian Vettel cultivates a certain paradox with regard to records. Passionate about the history of Formula 1, the quadruple World Champion says he attaches particular importance to the figures engraved over the years … except as far as he is personally concerned. It is not this imprint that he seeks to leave, he who is for example today the third most successful driver in the history of the discipline.

"History is very important to me", he admits. "I love F1, I’m a fan. But I’m not a fan of myself. I know I’m driving the car, it’s not worth remembering. I don’t see it as I don't wake up thinking, 'Wow, I'm an F1 driver!' These numbers mean a lot to me. But if there is a legacy that I want to leave behind, it is for myself and not for what it means for others. I do it for myself. me, the team, my entourage and the people who support me. It's unrealistic to have everyone on your side in this world. It's a privilege to travel and see so many people in different places and with different cultures. This is how I know that in the end, we are in a bubble here. All in all, can we leave a legacy behind what we do? Probably not But it means a lot to me and I want to leave something for myself. "

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