Sebastian Vettel spent his first day away from the photographers in his new Aston Martin team.

He took the opportunity to mold his seat and tour the factory based in Silverstone in Great Britain, not far from that of Red Bull, which the four-time German world champion knows well.

Indeed, Vettel won his four world crowns with the Austrian team also based in Milton Keynes and this return to British soil with Aston Martin, after six years spent in Italy with Ferrari, could have a smell of nostalgia for the German.

But the two eras are not, however, comparable for the pilot: “ On paper there are certainly things that look similar, but I think the situation is different. “

“Mainly because I myself am at a different point in my career. “ entrusted Vettel to our colleagues from F1-Insider.

“I’m at a better point, with a lot more experience, with a clearer vision. “

“That’s why you can’t really compare the two. Back then, I didn’t have the knowledge I have today, so the approach is completely different. »Specifies the German champion.

His first steps at the Aston Martin factory went very well in any case: “ So far, of course, for me at Aston Martin there are still a lot of new faces, but I’m confident it will work. “

“You always have to be open to new things. I’m going to meet a lot of new people, new ways of working, new approaches and I wouldn’t be wise to think that only my way is right. ”

“Everyone is different, but nonetheless everyone enjoys having an environment where people support and work for each other. “ concludes Vettel.