Vettel pilot and shareholder at Aston Martin? –

The hypothesis is signed David Coulthard. It is not without common sense.

Sebastian Vettel is looking for a steering wheel for next season, but not under any conditions. He wants a car to win… or at least an exciting challenge. Mercedes could hire him to create a dream team with Lewis Hamilton. But the German team doesn’t necessarily want to destabilize its world champion. Then another original possibility could be offered to Vettel.

"Couldn't he go to Aston Martin? They could give him shares and he could begin a new phase of his career. This could be an option if you think outside the box. Lawrence Stroll has big plans for Aston Martin's future success. Vettel, on the other hand, could be a great asset to such a team at this point in their careers, with all the knowledge and experience they have acquired within Red Bull and Ferrari. "David Coulthard says. Simple speculation or brilliant idea? Case to follow!

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