Vettel: no 'shortcut' to Ferrari 'suffering' –

While rock bottom seemed to have been hit in Belgium with a zero point in the race, the Italian Grand Prix ended for Ferrari on lap 24, when Charles Leclerc's surviving SF1000 crashed into the wall of tires. at the exit of the Parabolic. Fortunately unscathed, the Monegasque admitted his mistake, he who attacked too hard at the wheel of an unstable car itself wearing hard tires.

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On the other side of the Scuderia garage, things came to an end for Sebastian Vettel, whose brakes failed on lap six, fortunately without causing a serious accident. The German does not hide behind his little finger and recognizes that things are very complicated now, so much so that it is difficult to keep your head up.

"She's on my shoulders, so naturally she should be standing up high, but maybe she's tilted a bit right now.", he said after the Monza race. "There are no shortcuts in life and we are in this position because we probably deserve it. We are suffering, the whole team is suffering, and I am part of the team."

As Ferrari prepares to celebrate its 1000th F1 GP at Mugello, this double retirement from the Italian GP couldn't have come at a worse time. But Vettel refuses to see any bad luck in it. "Everything happens for a reason, and we're slow. It's hard, and I'm not the only one in pain."

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The four-time World Champion still thinks there is a chance that Ferrari's situation will improve by the end of the year, although he admits there will be no easy solutions. to the problems of the stable. "It is very difficult for us at the moment, for the whole team. But we are in this position and we must try to do our best to ensure that the season ends in a dignified way."

“We still have a lot of races ahead of us and a lot of things to learn and understand, so there is a lot of work. We have to focus on this point. If I could choose, I wouldn't want to be here. in the car on the track right now, and not at the back of the pack. But sometimes you have no choice and you have to make do with what you have. Right now it's like that, so you have to keep your head up, even if it's difficult. "

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