Vettel: "I do not know" if I finish my career at Ferrari – France

Vettel's performance and future are getting more and more attention this season due to a combination of costly personal mistakes and Ferrari's arrival at the forefront of Charles Leclerc. Recently, the quadruple World Champion has finally ended, in Singapore, a dearth of victories of more than a year, after a weekend that began with the debates around his fault in Italy, and he also ended a series of poles from his teammate in Japan.

When Leclerc clinically won Ferrari's home race at Monza, Vettel finished off the podium after a spin in the first few laps and a penalty for a dangerous return to the track. The German believes that the passage of these sharp critics to the praise of Singapore has been frustrating. "It's just difficult, sometimes, not to listen [the critics]", said Vettel in an exclusive interview for "The world is going so fast nowadays, I think people judge too fast, that's my opinion."

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"But that's the way it is, and it's not just Formula 1. The treatment is no different elsewhere if you look at other sports, [and] going beyond the sport, look in politics It's a nightmare, every day you judge, you change your mind, but I think it's not credible, because if you defend something – values, or if you have an opinion – how can you change it overnight unless you have a good reason, but then you change it again the next night. "

He claims to have understood from experience that people's opinions changed "very quickly", even if it is sometimes "difficult" to manage, especially when it has an impact on the team. "We have a lot of people in the team and obviously we are all fans of the discipline, we are passionate, and people follow what is said and written, it does not help."

"Sometimes, if there is something negative, it takes a little longer to get it out of people's heads, but it's quite funny, because three days before [Singapore's victory] they have said that everything was bad, and then, a race after, everything was great, for me, it's not very serious, because I've been there for a long time, and you have ups and downs. "

Vettel quotI do not knowquot if I finish my career - Vettel: "I do not know" if I finish my career at Ferrari - France

Roberto Chinchero during his interview with Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari

Even if its recent rise in form has removed this issue, the future of the German, in Formula 1 since 2007 and now 32 years old, remains uncertain beyond 2020, year of the end of its current commitment with the Scuderia. When asked if he wanted to end his career in red, he replied: "I do not know, I mean, I think I do not look too much forward, but I do not know, I think it will depend a lot on what's going to happen with the rules, I think it depends on the next year, and from there we will see. "

"Something must happen" in 2021

The discipline queen should reveal this Thursday the extent of the regulatory overhaul initiated for many months, with the program significant changes in the Technical and Sports Regulations but also the appearance of a Financial Regulation. All this with the primary goal of improving the competition by making the struggles on track easier and by tightening the plateau, both in terms of performance and means.

"We see that the longer the rules stay in force, the more the plateau tends to tighten up"Vettel explained, referring to what is happening now with a technical regulation dating, globally, from 2017 concerning chassis. "It's true for the top 3 teams, but there's still a big gap with the teams behind, you'll have the best teams and the best drivers up front, whatever the rules, but obviously it would be more fun that everyone is closer. "

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For the quadruple World Champion, it is difficult to be optimistic about this revolution but he thinks it is important that this turn is successful. "I hope that everything that's going to happen will be good for the discipline, because something has to happen, everybody is spending a lot of money trying to find a little bit of performance. a simplification. "

"The border is always thin between preserving the DNA of Formula 1 and trying to get everyone together, we do not want the same cars for all with the same engines, because it would not be Formula 1. But something must happen, otherwise I think it will be very difficult to master the future and future challenges of motorsport. "

Interviewed by Roberto Chinchero

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