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Sebastian vettel joined Ferrari in 2015 with the goal of becoming World Champion with the Scuderia, like his childhood hero Michael schumacher. The German has finished runner-up in the 2017 and 2018 championships and has a total of 14 wins so far, but has found himself in a rough patch the past two seasons. The team decided not to renew their contract beyond 2020. Carlos Sainz will take over from Maranello next year.

Vettel will replace Sergio Perez within Racing Point, which will become Aston Martin. He says he has no regrets after the end of his five-year adventure, but admits that his stint in the Scuderia was a failure. "It's true that I failed, because I set myself the mission or the objective to win the championship with Ferrari", he said for the Beyond the Grid podcast. "I failed. I failed."

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The # 5 has failed to move in the highly political environment of Maranello and concedes that he arguably should have acted differently behind the scenes at times. "There are things I should have done better, things that I maybe should have seen sooner, fights that maybe I shouldn't have fought."

“But, again, I think everything that's happened has led me to where I am today. If I'm fair and harsh then I failed. Was there any reason? Probably yes. , but I don't take them as an apology. So no matter what happened, it took me to the next level as well. "

“Maybe [the fights] didn't deserve to be fought, but then again, it's probably partly in my nature. And I think I was right in some of those little fights and battles as well. But I think at the end of the day that's how you mature and learn. I'm happy to move on. "

Vettel is indeed eager to take up the Aston Martin challenge, in a smaller team than Ferrari but in a project that he describes as "fun". "I think the boxes were pretty straightforward in terms of performance, as far as the racing aspect is concerned, where the team is, where they might be, the potential and so on."

“And it seems like a fun project, and something that I finally decided to be a part of. It's very different from Ferrari, obviously Racing Point as it is today, and in the future Aston Martin, will grow. A lot of things will happen for the first time, and I think it's an incredible challenge for the whole team. And by joining the team, I hope I can contribute a lot and do well in the car and outside the car. "

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