Racing Point's technical director – who will be called Aston Martin from next year – ensures that everyone on the team is eager to start working with Sebastian Vettel.

Quadruple world champion Sebastian Vettel will leave the Ferrari team at the end of this season to join Aston Martin next year alongside Canadian Lance Stroll.

After six years spent at Maranello, the German was dismissed by the Italian team at the start of the year and therefore accepted the offer proposed by Aston Martin, of which he will become not only the driver, but also the shareholder [of the Mark].

“We all can't wait for it to happen. Everyone knows how good a pilot he is. " explains Andrew Green, Technical Director of Racing Point at AMUS.

“No one forgets how to drive a car fast. You just need to have the right car and the right people around to do your job. "

“Obviously he's in trouble right now. We can give him what he needs to regain his old form. "

"He will feel it, we know he can give us as much as we can for him. Everyone on the team is looking forward to January so that we can finally work with him. "

When asked if he thinks Vettel's problems this year at Ferrari are more psychic than mechanical, Green replies: “I would say it's a combination of the two. "

“It's hard to judge the percentage of each other. With us, he will bring people and tools back to the level we know and expect from him. "

“It will help us a lot. If he just opens the factory door, it will increase the motivation of every employee. "

“When a multiple world champion gets in one of our cars, it's also recognition for the people who work here. "

“We deserve it. We were bankrupt eighteen months ago, this team barely existed and now a world champion wants to drive for us. With us, he will be able to live his second spring. "

In his first year with the Aston Martin team, Sebastian Vettel will only have three days of winter testing to get a real feel for the car's potential, which does not seem to worry Green.

“Sebastian will need a few days in the simulator to get a good idea of ​​what to expect and where to travel with us. "

“And then there is still time to tell us what he expects from this car and where we can and must find time. "

“We can tailor our work to his needs, which is what makes it so exciting. We haven't had a pilot change in a very long time, certainly not on this scale. "

“Perez has been with us forever. All of our experience is based on this. With Vettel, we will have a completely different experience and ideas on how we should develop and prepare our car. "