Vettel bought Aston Martin shares … but won't say how much –

As we revealed to you exclusively this week, like Toto Wolff, Sebastian Vettel has recently become a shareholder of Aston Martin – he will be next year, not only driver for Aston Martin F1, but also co-owner (albeit in a very small part) of the F1 team.

How much has Sebastian Vettel invested in his new team? The current Ferrari driver didn't want to say it … But here's a nice mark of confidence.

“Everyone is free to do what they want with their money, Aston Martin is a public company and everyone is free to invest in it. If you ask me if I have any shares in the company? Yes I have. How many ? I think this is a side issue that I will not talk about. "

“I believe in the project. I have decided to follow this project and I can't wait to see what happens when we start next year and start with a new team. "

When he arrived at Aston Martin F1, Sebastian Vettel took the place of Sergio Pérez, who now finds himself without a seat, even if the Haas track remains plausible.

Would Vettel advise Pérez to look to the Americans? A little annoyed by a journalist's question, he throws the ball back to the press …

“There aren't many tubs available yet. I don’t know if Checo is talking to anyone, so I don’t know if he is really going to quit F1. You write headlines, so I think you know a little more about it than I do, at least earlier than I do. "

" That would be a shame. He is a driver who deserves to be in F1. I don't know what options he has or what he wants to do, but maybe you know more. "

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