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Half a century of work to shape an iconic American wardrobe. This is the story of Very Ralph, the very first documentary about Ralph Lauren.

The carefully crossed jacket, a ring signet ring, a smile on her face, Ralph Lauren salutes at the end of her show, as usual. It's September 7th, 2018, in the heart of Central Park in New York. This parade is a little more spectacular than the others, because it celebrates 50 years of the brand whose story feeds the fantasy of the American dream. At 79, its founder is still there, launched in the sixth decade of his career. And also, very fortunate. He is head of a publicly traded multinational, with more than 450 stores around the world and a turnover exceeding $ 6 billion in 2019.

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One might have thought that Ralph Lauren's crazy rise had already been the subject of a documentary. Yet, no. It was not until 2019 and the camera of Susan Lacy (director of documentaries Spielberg and Jane Fonda In Five Acts) to tell Ralph Lauren. How his business started in 1967 in a small office of the Empire State Building in New York. His first breakthrough he owes to the chain of stores Neiman Marcus who ordered him 1,200 ties. His parents, Jewish immigrants landed at Ellis Island, his happy childhood in the quiet streets of the Bronx, his name Lifshitz he changed to Lauren at the age of 16, or his teenage dream of seeing himself in Cary Grant and his fascination with the clothes worn by the American bourgeoisie. His history,the creator lays it in Very Ralph which will be airing from November 12 on HBO.


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