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If we were to embody the word tailor-made, the prize would certainly be Mr. Ralph Lauren. Faced with a badly cut world, the creator knew how to make the right cuts. From a shady tie to a revolutionary suit, a new man is born, the first fashionable man in the end. At the crossroads between Gatsby the Magnificent and Buffalo Bill, Ralph Lauren sews all the points of America. Designer, businessman and ideal father, whoever appreciates the big screen would have willingly added "actor" to his list. With Very Ralph, He is now headliner. A new documentary on his person to discover on HBO and OCS on November 16th.

When we think about Ralph Lauren, it's a cascade of silk, from tweed, from impeccable cuts which pours before our eyes. Yet there is nothing pretentious about the creator. Like a certain Armani, he also starts with the men's fashion. The result is forms that have never tried to pass the threshold of the imaginary in the will that theworker where the cowboy could be just as connected as thearistocrat. A perfect bouquet of all the silhouettes of America whose Mr. Lauren discovered the fashionable potential by raising it on the back of an equine, iconic logo of a brand that is just as important. The rush to success was guaranteed.

" Fashion is evolving in our direction. Our lifestyle is more modern, we travel, we are sporty, we move. We are known because we have always made practical clothes, we are better in this than all the others " – Ralph Lauren

Because above all Ralph Lauren is an astonishing resourcefulness. Embroidered with interviews and archive footage the documentary traces theamerican dream from this young man from the Bronx. Not really fashionable, Ralph quickly made one thing to correct like the rest of the things around him. A barrier to lift in his whistling through and hands in the pockets of the world. No three parts suits him on the market? He will create it himself. Very quickly the very "adaptive" vision of fashion according to Ralph Lauren gives him a little je ne sais quoi. Something that sticks to her skin without wanting to. No wonder his first business, cravats with amazing patterns and dimensions larger than normal, sells like hotcakes. Then start in the sixties a wider revolution of the men's suit. Corduroy trousers and tweed jackets dandy way of the 20's. Polo was born.

The whole world Polo color

Very Ralph does not just scroll through runway images and shiny costumes. The documentary affirms a more global or rather all-encompassing vision of Ralph Lauren. Much more than fashion, a true lifestyle. There is something in the Ralph Lauren imagery that is a little cliché. A movie where the characters show impeccable smiles, wind hair woman, exemplary children and Labrador included. A pullover carelessly placed on the shoulders which means yet: " you too can be like that". Sometimes a spirit of clothing with a rustic soul the great west, sometimes velvet and silk echoes to 5th avenueRalph Lauren brings together opposites. Politics, rap stars, sportsmen … Polo embraces the whole world from the top of his horse.

Very Ralph of Susan Lacy, to discover on HBO and November 16 at 23:00 on OCS City and on demand

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