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Véronique arrived at Grand Prix Motos in Annecy for the overhaul of her BMW S 1000 R, a roadster inspired by the S1000RR. This is not her first BMW, a motorcycle she only uses for the pleasure of riding. She tells us about this choice for the S 1000 R.

Véronique: I have an S 1000 R, I chose this bike to replace a K 1300 R (note: the same model as the K 1300 R from Nicolaï). This is my third BMW. I bought my S1000R 3 years ago is half. She will soon have 40,000 kilometers. The previous one I loved it but it was a little too heavy, I wanted to gain 50 kilos and that's it. Afterwards, I don't use it, I don't pretend to be a pilot far from it, but it's a motorcycle that is super easy to drive, all the electronic aids help a lot sometimes (laughs).

BMW S 1000 R, just for the passes!

I actually ride it a lot, I'm a taxi at the base so I'm already doing a lot of kilometers, so when I have a moment I leave the car and get on the bike. Even if the weather is not very nice, it doesn't bother me any more than that, it's more my husband who is allergic and doesn't want to go out when it rains (laughs). I ride alone or in pairs, each on his motorcycle.

Before my BMW I had Japanese, 1200 Bandit, 600 SV, GSXF 750, YZF, I spent a good fifteen before BMW. Basically I do 10,000 kilometers per year, over 6 months, it hurts a lot and only passes (laughs). I have pleasure.

Thank you Véronique for this discussion, and for waiting for me to finish this before with Didier too, have a good ride in the region's passes with this BMW S 1000 R!

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