Verizon announced Monday, October 19, 2020 that it has entered into partnerships with Nokia and Microsoft to strengthen its skills in the B2B field. The telecom operator, reports Reuters, wants an offer that allows professionals to automate processes in their factories, reduce costs and accelerate data traffic through private 5G networks. In markets where Verizon does not have its own network, the American will work with Nokia to set up private networks intended for manufacturers and logistics companies.

A network for a business

With private 5G networks, businesses no longer have to compete with other users for network bandwidth. This allows them to deploy applications designed to increase productivity but which are greedy in data transmission such as uses around augmented reality or artificial intelligence, whether it be computer vision or machine learning.

Through its partnership with Microsoft, Verizon offers the possibility for professionals deploying a private 5G network to access the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This makes it possible to process all the data generated at the plant level and to automate operations thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms. "It's about creating new business opportunities for everyone", comments Rima Qureshi, chief strategy officer at Verizon.

"A start of monetization from 2022"

Ice Mobility is their first customer: the American logistics company will check that its employees put the right products in the boxes in order to avoid having to carry out quality controls. Microsoft and Verizon do not specify how they share the revenue from this value proposition.

"Next year will be dedicated to the deployment of private 5G and not to commercial success and we will start to see the start of monetization from 2022"Sowmyanarayan Sampath, chairman of Verizon, told Reuters. The telecom operator is determined to take part in the opportunities offered by 5G either by partnering with larger companies or by buying stakes in smaller ones such as companies specializing in virtual reality like 8i or those specializing in charging systems for Swiftmile electric scooters.