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After several weeks of use, Futura takes stock of Android 10. On a daily basis, some new features upset the use of Android more than others.

Android 10 landed on the pixel of Google early September. Therefore, the new mobile OS is deployed gradually on recent mobiles in the form of update or just installed on some of the latest models. Futura has been using this new version for a number of weeks now, some of whose changes have upset the use ofAndroid. If the vast majority of these novelties are not seen, some of them are flagrant.

Google's new marketing strategy is now to replace the iconic name of desserts with the number of the Android version. And we must admit that at first, the use ofAndroid 10 is not necessarily cake. The most obvious change is the absence of virtual buttons. No more button back, button "home" or to switch from one app to another. With Android 10, just as with iOSyou have to relearn how to communicate with the interface with gestures. The advantage: the display is extended to the maximum. The disadvantage, learning is not obvious and even after several weeks of use, the operation is sometimes random.

An absence of itchy pimples

To return to the Home screen, place your finger at the bottom of the screen border and drag it up. Problem: the protective shells come to hinder the movement and you have to go back to it several times. Other worry, according to the apps, this gestures failure can cause an involuntary action.

To view the applications open in the form of thumbnails and scroll them or close them at once, we must make the same movement, but this time by maintaining the pressure in the middle of the screen after sliding it up. For the same reasons, the success of this gesture is random. And often, it is the return to the home screen that snaps.

The most perilous manipulation is that of backtracking. Again, you must slide your finger to the center from the right or left border of the mobile. Again, the possible protective shell hinder the gesture. The biggest concern comes from apps. If the gesture is not taken into account, it can very well generate an involuntary action. The packedis that is the case with some Google applications such Gmail. Dragging your finger in this way on a message will archive it.

Finally, it is possible to switch from one app to another by sliding your finger sideways on the bottom edge of the screen. This gesture is probably the one that works best.

New and new bugs

With the betas Android, even Google had admitted that his gesture system is not really intuitive. Despite efforts and a mini-training after the update, or the preparation of a new phone, it takes a long time for the gestures to be more precise. That said, it remains possible to find the virtual buttons from the parameters, then Buttons and gestures. It's in Navigation bar and gestures that you can opt for the display of the three usual buttons. It remains to be seen how the possible overcoating of phones support these gestures ….

The other visible novelty is that of Smart Reply. They work from any application and occur when a notification appears. Convenient for messages, they allow to answer, to consult a content or to carry out an action. This is particularly the case when an address is present. The module proposes a icon can launch the navigation directly. When a message displays a question, suggestions for answers are also available, which gives the uncomfortable feeling that Android is reading over your shoulder.

Android 10 also offers an option called Welfare digital. Activated by default, it allows to define time slots during which the mobile will not disturb you. A useful option that we will quickly forget once settled.

Android 10 pushes the personalization far

For the rest, the novelties are not obvious. The integration of all updates in the Play blind is an asset, but does not come upset habits. The advantage is that security updates happen on their own, but that's the kind of question the user should not have to ask. Likewise, if Google has added 50 new security and privacy settings, you have to go digging through the settings to find them. Most of the default settings are quite sufficient, but it is true that with Android 10, you can push the customization far.

The mode dark makes its appearance for the whole system in the Settings / Customization and Predefined theme. It is also possible to add it in the shortcut buttons. It both saves battery on an Amoled screen and makes it easier to read in the twilight. Using it or not is a matter of taste.

For the rest, Futura has found that some bugs appeared with the new OS. They mainly concern applications. This is particularly the case Tweeter whose Navigator integrated tends to freeze, for example. This type of bug should be temporary, as with each new version of an OS. Finally, we must know that Google still reserves some new features to only users of its phones pixel.

What you must remember

  • Futura has tested Android 10 for almost a month.
  • New gestures require a long learning time and are often hindered or imprecise.
  • Once set, the other novelties are forgotten.

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