Vasseur sets priorities for 2021 Alfa Romeo drivers –

The arrival of Sergio Pérez on the transfer market for 2021 is a parameter that the team managers did not take into account. Frédéric Vasseur admits he would be interested in the Mexican, but first has a list of candidates to consider.

"I think Checo is interested in all the places available on the grid" Vasseur analysis. “I’m not going to anticipate, we’ll be talking to our pilots this month about next year, and we’ll discuss together what we’ll do. We have a lot of riders on the list.”

He does not deny that young Ferrari drivers Mick Schumacher, Callum Ilott and Robert Shwartzman could be of interest, but does not want to overlook the presence of Kimi Räikkönen.

"We have the young Ferrari drivers, the junior drivers, but Kimi first and foremost for us, we want to know what he wants to do, what we want to do with him, and then we'll see the others."

Asked about Räikkönen's recruitment in case he is motivated to continue, Vasseur confirms he would like to keep the Finn: "We want to collaborate and if the collaboration is good, it makes sense to continue."

At the mention of the possibility of putting in the second Alfa Romeo a driver less experienced than the Finn, Vasseur has fun playing on words:"I won't find anyone more experienced than Kimi. That's the advantage, we are sure his teammate will be less experienced than Kimi."

It should be noted that in this whole discussion Antonio Giovinazzi was not mentioned, and it seems that the case is already almost over for the Italian, whose performance seems to disappoint at Alfa Romeo.

Giovinazzi admits it's hard to shine alongside a driver of Raikkonen's caliber and experience.

“When evaluating my performance the problem is that they are compared to a 'master' like Kimi. The flip side is that I can learn from Kimi why he is so good at racing. . "

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