Values ​​test will not make it easier for immigrants to integrate, says expert in social psychology

The new test of Quebec Legault government values ​​will not allow a better integration of immigrants, according to the researcher in social and cultural psychology Marina Doucerain.

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Even worse, the guest researcher on Wednesday The Effrontées QUB radio said that "beyond the test, an exclusion message is sent (to those who wish to immigrate to Quebec)".

"In light of all that we read in social psychology, that (the test of values) does not seem auspicious," she said at the outset.

  • LISTEN to Marina Doucerain, professor-researcher in social and cultural psychology at UQAM at QUB radio:

"It is to say that Quebec values ​​are a door that will allow people to enter or not," said the researcher, who is interested in the social and psychological mechanisms of integration.

The results of his research have shown that "most people who come to Quebec want to integrate," but they feel – especially among visible minorities – some discrimination on the part of "Quebeckers of Quebec. dominant group ".

The researcher believes that it would be preferable to set up twinning programs to facilitate the integration of immigrants into Quebec society, rather than a test of values.

Also on Wednesday, Andrés Fontecilla, MP for Quebec Solidaire in Laurier-Dorion and spokesperson for the second opposition group on immigration, diversity and inclusion, also appeared on Wednesday. fears about the new test of values.

  • LISTEN Andrés Fontecilla at QUB radio:

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