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Since 2013, from 40 000 €

The first model launched by the American firm, the Model S (phase 2 in 2016) has built its reputation. This large sedan (4.97 m), which is displayed, new, from 90 000 €, is a premium model. In addition to sports performance (0 to 100 km / h from 2 "7 to 4" 4 …), despite a weight exceeding 2 tons, it shines with its driving pleasure and the rigor of its chassis, propulsion or integral (engines on the rear axle, and possibly before), depending on the versions. Several power levels are offered, with a minimum of 302 hp (430 Nm), for the old entry-level 60D, up to 700 hp (and 980 Nm!) On the 100D. The battery power ranges from 60 to 100 kWh, and the actual range varies from 400 to 600 km, depending on the version and use. The cockpit is large, comfortable (air suspension in high version) and refined, while the multimedia interface, with its huge touchpad including almost all functions, is extremely efficient, allowing in particular to plan its stops-refueling on a supercharger. It is constantly updated and updated.

reliability 3/5

Reliability overall good, despite a number of small failures, systematically taken as collateral.

  • Multimedia system : replaced screens; many updates.
  • binnacle : vibrations in the dashboard; "Nightingales" possible.
  • optical : replaced headlights (LED problem).
  • Body : defective door handles; malfunction of the automatic trunk lock.

Examples of ads:

85 kWh – 2014 69,000 km € 45,000
75 kWh – 2017 12,000 km 58,000 €

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