Update for Alfa Romeo models … 2020 – 98.5 fm

Auto123 travels (virtually) for an Alfa Romeo presentation of its products … 2020.

At Alfa Romeo, a division of the FCA group (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), we do nothing like the others. If it’s often refreshing, it’s sometimes awkward and incomprehensible, too.

Here, we were invited to a little virtual presentation today to make us some announcements about the brand's models. What we were entitled to were the modifications made to the products in the range, aesthetic and technological updates, essentially.

Until then, it's okay. The catch is that the changes concern the 2020 models. Yes, 2020. We are in July, remember. What about the 2021 versions? Of course, they will also benefit from these improvements, but other changes may occur. And we don't really know when the 2021 vintages will show up. In short, what did we say … that Alfa does nothing like the others?

It can be interesting to act against the current for a brand that needs to make its place, but it should perhaps be done in a more organized, vibrant way. Finally.

Here is Shopicar! All models of the year and all current promotions.

Update for Alfa Romeo models ... 2020 98.5 fm - Update for Alfa Romeo models ... 2020 - 98.5 fm

The Giulia sedan, in particular, has undergone modifications to the interior design and its multimedia system.

First, we redesigned the center console to give it a slightly more classic touch, but also to make it more functional, both in terms of storage and ergonomics. Ditto for the steering wheel which benefits from slight touch-ups.

What draws most attention, however, are the changes to the multimedia system. It's simple, the unit that fitted the models so far was downright crappy. Worse, while the tactile approach is everywhere in the industry, you could only access the menus via a scroll wheel. And that's without counting on the unnecessarily complicated interface, something that almost brought us back to the Paleolithic era.

The new generation seems to offer a much more user-friendly approach and, yes, it will be able to receive touch controls. The screen, which was 6.5 inches, saw its size increase to 8.8 inches. It can be delivered with or without navigation. It will of course have to be tested, but it seems to have taken a step forward here.

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A new connection system (Alfa Connect) will allow you to perform some remote functions with your phone such as starting the vehicle, locking or unlocking it, activating the alarm system and making emergency calls to the roadside assistance service . As an option, wireless charging for cellular devices will be possible.

The Giulia will also benefit from level 2 autonomous capacities, which means that on the highway, thanks to the adaptive cruise control, it will be possible to be guided by the car over given distances, even when braking and accelerating are required.

In short, as you can see, there are mostly changes that aim to keep the competitive model in the market. The Giulia is not the most popular in its segment, but Alfa Romeo sees its presence in North America as a long, calm river, one growth at a time. The vision is long term, let's say.

Update for Alfa Romeo models ... 2020 98.5 fm - Update for Alfa Romeo models ... 2020 - 98.5 fm

The next big news from this manufacturer will be the arrival of the Tonale SUV. The latter will certainly benefit from the elements that have just been introduced.

We’ll have a chance to come back to that when we’re testing the “upgraded” models in the coming weeks.

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