In addition to Koenigsegg, the giant Geely is interested in this fuel called Vulcanol. With CO2 emissions that can be reduced by 90%, it could point to a new future for the automobile.

When we say that the Koenigsegg could be propelled by fuel from volcanoes, it is not about filling the tank of these cars with molten lava! But rather to put Vulcanol there. This new fuel is produced mainly in Iceland from methanol. It is produced thanks to the CO2 emitted by the semi-active volcanoes present on the island.

Up to 90% less rejections!

It is “cleaner” because it does not come from a fossil fuel source. Much cleaner even, sinceit would allow a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, which can go up to 90% compared to our “conventional” fuels. If it is interesting to think of its use for the automotive world, it could also be advantageous for ships or even airplanes. A different way to achieve CO2 neutrality than to install batteries in everything that moves.

Koenigsegg and Geely

This fuel seduces the giant Geely, a huge Chinese group which owns Volvo and Lotus, but also Koenigsegg, the “small” Swedish hypercar builder. We must admit that it sticks well to the image of the brand. Of hypercars more than 1,000 hp powered by volcanic energy! Ultimately, it holds up.

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