Three days before the US presidential election, Auto-Radio is interested in the most secret and protected car in the world: that of the President of the United States. Tuesday, November 3, we will be fixed on the new president, but anyway he will still drive in a truly incredible car.

Such an amazing car the Americans have nicknamed it “the beast” (the beast). Indeed, the latter is more like a tank than a ceremonial car: it is the best protected on the planet.

This car, which accompanies the president on each of his trips, is American. After many years in Lincoln, American presidents have been traveling in Cadillacs since 2001. The owner of the brand, General Motors, even has a secret research and development laboratory dedicated to the development of presidential limousines. And to do so: over $ 14 million budget. In fact, each Cadillac costs $ 1 million.

20 cm thick body

And the presidential car is not a Cadillac like the others: it is extraordinary in every way. To begin with, its size: 5.5 meters long, and a capacity of 7 places. Then, its design: it is an armored body placed on a chassis of a small truck. “The beast” is 8 tons on the scale, a V8 engine and 300 horsepower. Its consumption is also unusual: 34 liters / 100km. However, the vehicle does not exceed 96 km / h because of its armor.

The chassis is a mixture of aluminum, titanium, ceramic, and all that for resist any attack : chemical, bacteriological, and a reinforced floor to escape blasting.

In total, the body is 20 cm thick. The president’s door is as heavy as that of a Boeing 747. In addition, the windows are armored and sealed: a single pane opens. It is that of the driver, which is lowered by only 8 cm. It should also be noted that, for each trip by the president, there are always two presidential limousines in the convoy. These are strictly identical, this makes it possible to never know where the American president is and thus to deceive potential terrorists.

Night vision system and electrified handles

Like James Bond’s car, the President’s car has a multitude of top secret gadgets, of which we cannot even list the complete list because there are so many. Thus, she has puncture-proof tires reinforced with Kevlar, with special rims that allow the car to roll even if all four tires burst.

The car is also protected against toxic gases and has a night vision system for the driver, who can thus drive with all lights off. It even contains bottles with blood from the president’s blood type, to be able to transfuse it on site if necessary. This extraordinary car can also release tear gas or electrify the handles, to repel attackers.

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