Fiat Chrysler USA, a subsidiary of Stellantis, on Wednesday agreed to plead guilty and pay a fine of $ 30 million for paying bribes to officials of the powerful auto union UAW.

The group is accused by the American authorities of having spent a total of more than 3.5 million dollars to curry favor with leaders of the organization between 2009 and 2016. Several of them have already been sentenced in this report. vast corruption scandal for several years. The bribes were paid through training centers for auto workers, US authorities detail in a statement. They took many forms, like business meals “Extravagant”, rounds of golf, “Sumptuous evenings”, a hunting rifle made in Italy or shoes. All paid for with credit cards from training centers.

“FCA has undermined the collective bargaining process”

The company also paid large sums to a former vice-president of the union, by finishing repaying a mortgage, contributing to his charity or signing contracts with his companies. “Instead of seeking to bargain in good faith, FCA has undermined the collective bargaining process and the rights of UAW members to fair representation”, lamented Irene Lindow, a representative of the US Department of Labor cited in the statement.

Fiat Chrysler USA has agreed to be subject to a three-year probation period and to host during this period an independent inspector appointed by the government to verify that the group complies with labor laws. In addition to convictions of former officials, the UAW for its part agreed in December to initiate major reforms under the supervision of the authorities to end prosecutions for fraud and corruption.