under the spell of Cyril Lignac, Héloïse Martin sends him an erotic message live

To the delight of viewers, Cyril Lignac is back on M6 with the show "Tous en cuisine". Faced with the success of the program during confinement, the chain has indeed decided to bring the famous chef back to his kitchen to make new recipes with significant guests.
This Wednesday, September 2, 2020, Héloïse Martin was the host of Sophie Marceau's former companion. The 24-year-old actress has indeed lent herself to the game in order to make the recipe of the day: salad figs, burrata and sesame.
As a good student, the young woman first learned to cut figs to perfection. A rather simple exercise for anyone … but fascinating for Cyril Lignac: "It's beautiful, look inside, the flesh of the fig! How beautiful! This is sublime! " he said ecstatically. Enough to titillate Héloïse Martin in seconds
A sensual exercise
After his demonstration of cutting figs, Cyril Lignac took care to check that his clerk of the day was following the movement: "Is it okay Heloise? Everything is fine ? ". Under the spell, the former "Dance with the Stars" contestant responded by showing two pieces of fig cut into a heart shape. The young woman did not stop there as she also sent a rather erotic message to the chef: " You cut figs really well … It's sensual to cut figs " Héloïse Martin confided in front of her camera.
A bit embarrassed, Cyril Lignac then replied timidly: "Ah, that's nice … »Before resuming his recipe, imperturbable. The chef turned back to his kitchen, asking Héloïse Martin to cut her grapes to finish the salad recipe.
On the web, Internet users have not failed to highlight this moment of flirtation: "How she heats Cyril to hell! It is enormous ! »Could be read on Twitter, for example.
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