In both friendship and romantic relationships we need to know what we are doing well and what we are doing wrong, this type of relationship needs care that sometimes we do not know

We have learned with many tips what we can do to strengthen our relationships and that all of them have a healthy and solid foundation. However, as very human that we are, there are some behaviors that can cause the people we love, whether they are family members, friends or partners, to withdraw. Nobody has the intention, at least in the first place, for this to happen, so it is necessary to know what attitudes can establish this distance. Many of them occur naturally, as there are patterns that make life more difficult than necessary. It is not about pointing fingers or feeling bad about ourselves, it is about looking within and looking for ways we can improve so that relationships are healthier. Many of these behaviors may have happened to you in the past, and now is the time to correct them so they don’t happen in the future.

1. Project what you want to attract

The first question you can ask yourself is, is the lifestyle I have and my way of being aligned with what I look for in a partner? Or are you trying to show a forced image of yourself that is more related to what you want them to see of you? If your way of showing yourself is not in balance with who you really are, probably the people who approach you are not either. As time goes by, these people will see who you really are and it may not be compatible with what they thought of you. Neither better nor worse, simply incompatible. That is why the ideal is to be authentic from the first moment.

2. Pressure very fast

It’s easy to get excited when we see that someone is interested in us. When this happens it is normal that you want to generate solid plans and ties with these people but it is necessary that the other person does not feel suffocated. You must remember that there is time for everything and you must find spaces in which to share experiences in a balanced way. When someone is feeling overwhelmed, they can respond with distance, especially in the beginning. This occurs to a greater extent in romantic relationships.

3. Complaints everywhere

We have had enough with all these months of bad news. Of course, those who love us will be there to listen to our pain and anger. But when all the conversations are based on the constant complaint, it can happen that the relationship wears out And that those people who listened to you do not want to get that bad vibe that always accompanies negativity.

4. Take away independence

This is directly related to couples, although it can also enter the realm of friendship. We must respect the individuality of each one, when that individuality moves freely and without limits, the relationship becomes stronger: there are themes to share, experiences to tell and plans that can nurture the bond. Feelings such as jealousy or insecurity can lead us to the desire to trap that person and occupy all their time. This, of course, will make that person walk away.

5. Invalidate your decisions

Just as we want you to support us, so do the people around us. When someone takes the time to trust you to tell you a decision or a plan, it is because your opinion interests them. It is not about cutting the wings of that person nor about supporting any decision with blind eyes, it is about listening, giving your opinion but emphasize that you will always be there to accompany their path. If you invalidate the initiatives of others without any type of filter, it will be normal that that person does not want to have someone around who discourages them.