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The principle of the League of Legends is as follows: two teams compete in an online virtual arena (MOBA) and each player controls a champion with unique skills. The first team to destroy the building located in the heart of the enemy base wins the game. This Sunday, the grand finale of the world championships pits the Chinese FunPlusPhoenix and Europeans G2. On the program, a dantesque show in the walls of the AccorHotelArena and a fight expected all over the planet, especially as Europeans play at home.

At the heart of this effervescence, it is a luxury house that creates the surprise: a few days ago, Louis Vuitton and Riot Games announce their exclusive collaboration. First, the house has developed an exclusive setting to host the "Summoner's Cup" trophy awarded to world champions and considered the most prestigious award in the category "esport". Then, Riot Games unveiled new skins – thematic personalization of one or more characters – as well as a capsule collection created by Nicolas Ghesquière, artistic director of the women's collections. Riot Games did not do in the lace. The American company wants to refresh its brand and has set up a virtual music band, True Damage, whose futuristic streetwear hip hop look has left no one indifferent. The heroines Qiyana and Senna are wearing Louis Vuitton skins. Three other champions, Akali, Ekko and Yasuo, complete the group.

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