Television audiences are always a very good barometer of the state of mind of the French. To see those recorded Tuesday evening by Didier Raoult, the speeches of the Marseille microbiologist are not as expected as six months ago. And create less event. A sign of disenchantment from the French for the champion of hydroxychloroquine, a few hours before the reconfinement announced Wednesday evening by Emmanuel Macron?

540,000 people watched this Tuesday evening, the interview of the most discussed doctor in France by David Pujadas on LCI, or 2.9% market share. This score remains very good for the TF1 group's news channel, which proves that the director of IHU Marseille Méditerranée Infection is still attracting viewers. But, in audience share, this interview is the lowest of its last eight appearances on BFMTV, CNews and LCI.

Used to taking the first place

Another sign that the tide is turning, during this face-to-face meeting, the channel was beaten by BFMTV, which at the same time gathered 735,000 viewers, or 4% of the public. And this is unusual for Didier Raoult. Since his first appearance on BFMTV, on April 30 at the microphone of Apolline de Malherbe, the doctor listened to until the White House has been at the top of the hearings during five of his seven previous interviews. This had also been the case for LCI on May 26. The first interview with Didier Raoult by David Pujadas was followed by 720,000 viewers, or 5% of the public. At the time, the former presenter of the 20 Hours of France 2 had beaten all the other news channels and beat his historical record. Ditto for Ruth Elkrief on June 3, Jean-Jacques Bourdin on June 25, or Laurence Ferarri on August 20, who all rolled out the red carpet for Didier Raoult.

Is this bad patch a coincidence, or a sign of a lack of interest on the part of the public? On social networks, several of Didier Raoult's statements regularly reappear. In particular that of April 30, where he said: “Respiratory infections in which there are second waves, there are none. "

Each of his passages is applauded by his fans and ridiculed by his detractors. Sometimes singled out, the news channels are beginning to refuse to invite the experts, the most disowned by the facts. This is not yet the case for him.