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The Marseille club, qualified for the 16th round of the Coupe de France, did not shine for its generosity after the match against Trélissac.

A gesture not very classy. And which also indicates that the OM remains attentive to the slightest penny in these times of lean cow on the side of the Velodrome. As is customary in the Coupe de France, the "big" often leaves the recipe for the match to the "small", as a sign of respect and a way also to perpetuate "the magic" of this competition which is the only one to allow confrontation between amateurs and professionals. It was not the case Sunday after the Marseillais' success in front of Trélissac in 32e finals (1-1, tab win). Much to the dismay of amateurs.

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After the meeting, the president of Trélissac Fabrice Faure had regretted that the Marseillais had not given up their share of the recipe, as tradition dictates: "You will thank OM who did not leave us their share of the recipe , thus reacted the president of Trélissac in remarks relayed by Provence. This is the third time that we have played the Marseille club, and it is the first time that this has happened. Thank you for amateur football… ”

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In an official statement, the Marseille club responded to the controversy. If he was absent from the match, President Jacques Henri Eyraud wanted to respond with explanations that will not calm the enthusiasm of amateur players. "Following the declarations of the President of Trélissac regarding the recipe for the match, the club wishes to provide a few details: Olympique de Marseille is probably one of the two or three Ligue 1 clubs which contributes the most financially to the development of football amateur thanks in particular to its “OM Next Generation” program or to the various actions of its foundation. It has often been the club’s policy to leave the recipe when OM are hosted in particularly country stadiums where capacity is low. For today's match (note: Sunday), Trélissac benefited from a stadium with 13,000 seats and practiced a pricing policy which – if it was entirely justified – displayed prices between 20 and 35 € per place . Total revenue amounted to almost € 400k before deduction of organizational costs. Thanks to hosting OM, the stadium was full and moreover mainly welcomed Marseille supporters, who were in the majority. It seemed fair to us that in these particular conditions the two clubs share the recipe all the more since this trip cost OM 65k €. ”The magic of the cup you say?

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