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If you have the month of August to go on vacation with the children, and you have decided to travel by car, you can take certain precautions to make the trip as enjoyable as possible for the children. In this way they will not tire, they won't be asking all the time when we arrive, and neither will they get dizzy. Let's see next, six good tips for traveling with children by car.

Traveling with children by car: Six good tips to make them comfortable and not dizzy

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Traveling with the children by car does not have to be a bad thing, but if we do not think about certain details before leaving, there is a risk that the trip will turn into a nightmare with cries and moans as the soundtrack. Next, we want to offer you six tips that seem basic to us, so that children travel calmly and in peace.

Don't squeeze them too much

We must always make sure that the child is well secured to the car seat, and in its corresponding seat. For this we have to check that the shoulder straps and belts are tight so they are secure, but not too tight. Bear in mind that if the journey is long, it is possible that the subject position becomes something that presses and bothers them, and even if they have no margin of movement, they sweat more than necessary.

Dress them with long sleeves

During the trip, even if it's hot, it is best to dress the little ones with long-sleeved cotton t-shirts, that protect both from the sun and the air conditioning.

Be careful with the temperature

The air conditioning is something that yes or yes, we will want to turn on for our trip by car, but it is necessary that it be adjusted carefully: 4-5 degrees below the outside temperature, and also ensuring that the flow is not directed towards the child. To protect it even more from the heat, you can use umbrellas that we can place on the windows with the children.

Water always helps

Children need drink frequently. However, it is best to avoid milk (unless the baby is a baby, of course) as it may make them spit up or vomit if they get dizzy. If they are thirsty, it is best to give them some water.

Have a light meal

If they are hungry, a sandwich is better than a full lunch. We especially can choose to give you nuts or some cookies. Nothing that overloads the stomach of children to avoid vomiting in case of dizziness.

Better to travel at night

If we dare, and we are careful, we can travel at night when it is warmer and the children will surely make the journey sleeping. If, on the other hand, you travel during the day, you should leave very early and make stops at least every 2-4 hours, and during the journey entertain the little ones with songs or games.

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