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In order to make a perfect trip without regrets, of course, on the way to travel, we also need to pay attention to the following travel tips – visitors notice:

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Basic travel

1. If you are walking outside, you need to pay special attention not to spit. Prepare a paper towel as well. Prepare a small garbage bag, spit it in a paper towel, and put it in the garbage bag. Pay more attention to this issue, especially the scenic spots.

2, carry water with you, bring paper, pay more attention or ask the local public restroom, do not cause unnecessary trouble.

3, pay attention to prevent scammers, thieves, this is afraid that the world is the same, so we must pay more attention.

4. Don't make too loud calls. For example, in a noisy place in Hong Kong, the mainland is not used to making too much noise and small places. Sometimes the phone will raise the tone, which makes the local passersby easily lead to bad impressions; The best choice, and the voice can be heard in small dots.

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Avoid inconvenience

1, with a universal power adapter. Some mobile phone power strips have different specifications, so it is necessary to prepare a adapter for charging.

3, with a small umbrella is also necessary, one is the sunscreen is to avoid getting wet in the rainy days.

4. You need to first understand, or consult with your companions and tour guides who are familiar with the local situation, and bring some necessary items, such as cold weather and more clothing, with some drugs to prevent soil and water.

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1, be careful not to engrave on the attractions, can not make uncivilized travel behavior.

2, statues, statues, cultural relics of attractions, as far as possible not to touch, or even climb, this is a global bad behavior, often people are exposed because of these bad behavior.

3. If others are not civilized, please make a goodwill reminder, do not blame or shout loudly at each other, loudly express emotions, easily lead to conflicts, and civilized behavior should be a goodwill reminder.Go back to Sohu and see more


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