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Huasheng Online News, February 3 (New Hunan Client · Huasheng Online reporter Liao Huiwen correspondent Peng Wei) The Spring Festival has quietly arrived, and the world is still chilling. “Suddenly, the fragrance spreads overnight, and it spreads across the universe for thousands of miles of spring.” The elegant plum blossoms and the delicate camellia bloom together, decorating the big spot with bright colors and welcoming the coming of the new year. The reporter learned from the Hunan Forest Botanical Garden that the 2021 Hunan World Famous Flower Ecological Culture Festival · Winter Rhyme “Plum Blossoms · Celebrate Chinese New Year” plum blossom and camellia theme flower exhibition has been launched on February 2 and will continue until March 8th.

The Plum Garden of Provincial Botanical Garden runs through the entire core scenic area. There are more than 400 varieties of 11 plum blossom types including palace pink, green calyx, jade butterfly, and cinnabar. Among them, the “green calyx” has white flowers and green sepals. Double petals snow white; “Bone red”, deep red and double petals, the color is not pale when withered; “Jade butterfly”, the white flowers are slightly red, there are single double petals, soft and elegant, and some varieties of plum There are two colors on one branch, or the whole plant is divided into two colors, which is a feast for the eyes. The flowering period of each variety can last for 20 to 30 days. In the plum planting design, the combination of the morning and evening of the flowering period of the variety is fully considered to make the flowering period link up and extend the viewing period.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Botanical Garden, ancient literati believed that appreciation of plum blossoms is the word “exploration”. The Provincial Botanical Garden made full use of its own environmental advantages to create three friends, childhood sweethearts and bamboo horses, plum pavilion and spring dawn, Youhuangpinxiang, and Xiangxuebao in the garden. Spring and Meixi Shuangying six major plum viewing areas. There is also a bone red plant with a diameter of 20 cm at breast height. Its “posture, color, fragrance, and rhyme” dominate the plum blossoms. It can be called the “plum king” in the garden. It stands under the tree with a fragrance around it.

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The blooming period of camellia is from October to April of the following year. The Provincial Botanical Garden currently has Zhejiang Red Camellia, Nanshan Camellia, Long-petal Short-column Tea, Rough Fruit Tea and other Camellia species, as well as more than 80 Camellia and Camellia varieties such as Eighteen Bachelor, Jinpan Lychee, Star Peach Peony, Zikui, etc. About 1,000 plants. Mainly concentrated in the camellia garden by the cherry lake and the north gate walking path. Camellia has green leaves and huge flowers, and different varieties are blooming successively, beautiful and graceful.

In addition to viewing flowers, from February 11 to February 14 (Lunar New Year’s 30th to the third day of the first lunar month) visitors will send 6-9 pictures of flowers in the Botanical Garden to the circle of friends with “Meet the Plum Blossom in Hunan Forest Botanical Garden” ; Or forward the specified tweet to Moments and collect 38 likes to participate in the interaction. Limited to 50 lucky gifts per day, while stocks last.

Tour tips:

1. To enter the park, you must make an online reservation in advance. The number of reservations per day is about 20,000.

Tourists and friends can reserve tickets for free through the official website of the Botanical Garden, official WeChat, and Ctrip. When entering the park, show the reservation QR code (children under 12 do not need to make an appointment and must be accompanied by a guardian to enter the park), itinerary code, and health code.

2. Please be civilized to enjoy flowers and be civilized tourists. Do not pick or damage plants in the garden at will, and do not bring pets into the garden.

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