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2020 is difficult and difficult. From the fear at the beginning of the year to the return to normal after the epidemic prevention and control, every ordinary person has paid so much that the imperfect Spring Festival last year seems to be vivid.

In a blink of an eye, 2021 New Year’s Day has passed, and the Spring Festival will arrive later. This winter, we will not fight unprepared battles. Taking into account the difficulty of ticket grabbing during the Spring Festival and the recent epidemic risks reported by state media, we have carefully prepared the following for you: advice on buying train tickets and guidelines for epidemic prevention during the Spring Festival.

🚞 Rail travel: these tips and points of attention

I have already prepared a summary of the train ticket purchase strategy for this year’s Spring Festival Transport Tickets. Here, I will organize the content and submit it, hoping to provide some help for readers during the Spring Festival travel.

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Make a ticketing calendar

If you confirm your travel during the Spring Festival, please be sure to check the specific ticket release time corresponding to the station you intend to depart from in advance. The query method is: open the official App, and then enter the “My”-“Travel Guide”-“Start (Stop) Sales Time” function. For example, to query the starting time of tickets on a certain day in Chongqing, the 12306 APP will also display the starting time of all stations in Chongqing North, Chongqing South, Shapingba and Chongqing West in the same city.

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You can also subscribe to the ticketing calendar in these ways:

  • Local treasures will launch corresponding ticket-grabbing calendars. Here is a summary of the Beijing Local Treasures 2021 Spring Festival ticket purchase calendar. The specific station grabbing time can also be retrieved on the 12306 online/phone booking start time query webpage Ctrl+F, you You can also follow the local treasure official account in your area and reply to the “Spring Festival” to obtain relevant information

  • Dislike APP built-in Spring Festival transport ticket purchase as a subscription item. After the user subscribes, it will automatically generate the earliest sale time and remind in advance according to the departure city and date you entered

Taking into account the crowd gathering problem that we have to face during the Spring Festival travel season, the ticket purchase calendar can help us determine the time to purchase tickets. Choosing less popular dates or trips may be the first line of defense to avoid risks.

12306 Official Tickets

Alternate order

With the gradual improvement of the functions of 12306, starting from May 22, 2019, all trains have supported standby ticket purchases.

The so-called standby order is actually very easy to understand. If you compare 12306 to a restaurant similar to “Haidilao”, the standby order means that the passenger has picked up the number in the restaurant in advance, but the “dishes” provided by 12306 are tickets. Tickets are purchased in one stop, so passengers do not need to refresh the remaining tickets over and over again and place orders quickly.

From this mechanism, the standby ticket purchase is 100% better than third-party software grabbing tickets, because once there are tickets, 12306 will give priority to the ticket purchasers. Only those who are waiting for a replacement ticket have bought the ticket, and the remaining tickets can be purchased by passengers who have not submitted a replacement ticket and third-party software. It is best to wait for the tickets separately when there are many people traveling, because when the number of remaining tickets is less than the number of people traveling, it is impossible to wait for the ticket purchase.

Remaining ticket monitoring

The official webpage of 12306 supports remaining ticket monitoring. By checking “Enable automatic query” under the query button, the system will automatically and continuously query according to the set conditions. When the query meets the conditions, the query will automatically stop, and the lower right corner will automatically pop up. The window (with the whistle of the train) reminds the user to purchase the remaining tickets.

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The previous 12306 web-side support of the remaining ticket monitoring order placement function has been offline, and now only the remaining tickets can be swiped instead of direct orders. Considering that the platform already supports the alternate mechanism, and the web page has to be re-logged in at every turn, the function of automatically placing an order becomes increasingly unnecessary. When it is not possible to alternate, you can try to check the remaining votes manually through the automatic refresh function.

Third-party ticket grabbing

Note: It may not necessarily improve the success rate of ticket grabbing, and there may be risks of IP banning and privacy information abuse.

Surplus ticket monitoring

The traditional way of looting tickets by picking up missing tickets can only be operated when there is no standby.

During the Spring Festival travel season, there are only two possible situations where there is no standby:

  • One is when the tickets are sold for the first time;

  • The second is after the deadline for redemption of waiting tickets; (0:00 to 13:00 at 23:30 one day before the latest, 13:00 to 23:59 6 hours before driving)

In either case, compared with 12306, third-party software may increase the ticket-grabbing success rate by means of high internet speed and high frequency of swiping tickets; it may also be identified by the 12306 system for the same reason and be restricted and slowed to reduce the ticket-grabbing success. rate.

Waiting for tickets

There is a limit to the number of official standby tickets, and the earlier you wait, the higher the queue and the greater the probability of buying tickets.

12306 Once the official standby ticket is full, you can only manually check and wait for the alternate vacancy. But the third party can automatically query and monitor the status of the candidate in real time. To put it bluntly, with the standby ticket purchase, the rush for the ticket has changed from “grabbing the remaining tickets” to “grabbing the standby.”

Interval restricted sale

Interval sales restriction is a strategy of the railway system ticket allocation mechanism. A train route from the departure station to the terminal station may pass dozens of stations. In order to improve the efficiency of train transportation and take care of long-distance passengers, the railway system preferentially sells long-distance tickets at the time of sale, while short-distance tickets are temporarily not sold.

In most cases, there are no tickets immediately after the ticket is sold. It is because of the restricted sale of the section. Generally speaking, the ban will be lifted 1 day before driving. Faced with the restricted sale of the interval, we can try a longer interval, the so-called “buy a long-distance ride”. It is not recommended to buy a short-distance ticket temporarily and then get on the train. The so-called “buy a short ride”, really need to consider When buying tickets across stations, please also try to avoid the plan to ride in areas with medium to high risks.

Buy tickets for the elderly

First of all, in order to reduce the risk of infection, elderly people with weak resistance, pregnant women, and patients with chronic diseases are not recommended to travel.

If the elderly really need to travel, they can be verified at 12306 through the guardian or the number of relatives and friends who can be contacted in time. If the identity information cannot be passed within 24 hours after adding, they must go to the station for identity verification; after passing the identity verification, they can pass Place an order on your own account to buy for the elderly.

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In addition, the manual window of the railway station still supports cash purchase of tickets, and the elderly can use the “love window” to give priority to train ticket purchases and ticket changes.

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Other travel benefits

  • Starting from December 24, the railway department has piloted “silent cars” on some trains of Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway and Chengdu-Chongqing High-speed Railway. Users can see specific options when purchasing designated trains through the APP (but the probability of buying the corresponding trains is not high, or wear them. Noise-reducing earplugs are more realistic).

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  • At the end of the year, the membership points will be cleared. If the membership points reach 10,000 points for the first time, passengers can use the ticket purchase points to redeem train tickets (the redemption word is displayed on the official website of the ticket that supports redemption). 100 points are equivalent to 1 yuan .

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✈️ Air travel: Know the quarantine requirements of the destination in advance

I remember that when I went home on May Day this year, Shenzhen was listed as a medium-risk area, but I did not receive any advance notice before boarding the plane (I did not take the initiative to inquire), and I was told that I needed it after I landed at the boarding gate. I was quarantined for nucleic acid testing. Many passengers on the same plane got off the plane temporarily after closing the cabin door. I was also quarantined for two full days after landing. Half of the five-day National Day holiday was spent at the Express Hotel.

Nowadays, the synchronization of information has been improved a lot, but because the development of the epidemic situation changes by the hour, the requirements of different regions are different in the unit of prefecture-level cities. Therefore, understand the epidemic situation in the destination in advance on the premise of staggered travel and personal safety. Prevention and control requirements are very important.

If you return to your hometown by plane, you can refer to the daily update of the airline’s official website for epidemic prevention and control requirements. For example, Hainan Airlines will update daily travel reminders based on changes in local prevention and control requirements. Of course, the safer method is to use search engines, search for the latest prevention and control requirements on public accounts such as “Local Treasure”, and call the departure and arrival airports to confirm.

In addition, due to the way the air is circulated and filtered on the plane, most viruses and other bacteria are not easy to spread on the plane. However, it is difficult to maintain social distance in crowded terminals and other places, which may increase the risk of infection, so you can consider Choose a flight staggered during working hours on weekdays.

😷General epidemic prevention tips

In the past year, we have paid more attention to personal hygiene during the epidemic. Last year, the principles of wearing masks and washing hands in time, which we suggested before the Spring Festival travel season, have been practiced every day. This time we once again send you an epidemic prevention tip, I hope you have a safe journey.

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Front row

  • Try to respond to the epidemic prevention advice of the location and destination according to your own situation, and try not to travel in high-risk areas. Beijing, Shanghai and other places have issued suggestions to “Chinese New Year in situ” to avoid the situation of landing in isolated hotels for the New Year. You can query if necessary: ​​query the risk level of the epidemic in all regions of the country.

  • If you have prudently decided not to travel after you have purchased the ticket, 12306 has already supported free refunds. When valid tickets for trains purchased before 24:00 on January 6, 2021, no refund fee will be charged, and the purchased railway travel insurance will be processed together.

  • Unless it is confirmed that the destination has no requirements, pay attention to receive a virus test 1 to 3 days before departure, and carry a safe test report in case you are required to show it.

  • The “State Council Client” applet can directly search for nucleic acid testing agencies, electronic versions of nucleic acid testing certificates, etc. However, since the report takes time to upload and will not be displayed in the first time, it is safer to go to the hospital on the eve of leaving to get a paper report

  • The “Local Treasure” applet can view the latest news about the local new crown epidemic, nucleic acid testing, quarantine policy, etc.

In the itinerary

  • Use taxis instead of public transportation and consider avoiding public transportation on the way to the airport.

  • Bring your own food and water, and try to avoid eating at high-speed rail, high-speed rail stations and other places.

  • Maintain social distancing. Except for adjacent seats that cannot be avoided, keep a distance of about 2 meters in airports, railway stations and other places to avoid close contact with others.

  • Pay attention to disinfection at any time. Try to use disinfectant gel to wash your hands after touching handrails, elevator buttons, etc., and avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose before disinfecting your hands. Even if it is a low-risk driving trip, before touching the handle and button of the fuel pump, wipe it with a disinfectant wipe; after refueling, wash your hands as soon as possible.

  • Pay attention to check and update the health code in time before reaching the epidemic prevention checkpoint.

  • At present, most parts of the country support mutual recognition and intercommunication of health codes, and there is no need to repeatedly apply for local health codes (generally they will not be blocked in actual operation);

  • If you use the small program of the communication itinerary card, you need to log in repeatedly every time you use it. In this case, you can use the “Communication Itinerary Card” App to achieve long-term login. At the same time, the communication itinerary card App can also interact with the iOS system-level “exposure log” Intercommunication, you can be notified when you are exposed to risks.

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After the trip

  • Pay attention to whether the trajectory of the confirmed/suspected patients with new coronary pneumonia and the asymptomatic infections reported by the official media overlap with their own itinerary: inquire about inbound/domestic passenger contacts.

  • Consider getting tested for the virus 3 to 5 days after travel. Even if the test result is negative, you should reduce non-essential activities for a full 7 days after travel. If you do not get tested after the trip, consider reducing non-essential activities within 10 days after the trip.

  • If you feel unwell after the trip, you can use the self-check tool to check whether there are related symptoms. If you have symptoms, you should take adequate protection before you go to a doctor.

Finally, I wish you every success during the Spring Festival. Those who can’t go home will celebrate the New Year steadily and reward themselves with a good meal; those who return home smoothly during the Spring Festival and return to the city smoothly. Everyone is healthy and healthy, and welcomes the bullish new year together.

Reference link: CDC: Domestic travel during the epidemic