Toyota Yaris: discover the Valenciennes plant, cradle of the new model –

It is at the heart of the Toyota plant in Valenciennes, on the assembly lines, that the new Yaris and the Yaris Cross, the brand's future small SUV, are being made. Didier Leroy, former number two of the automotive giant, who now heads the group's strategy, was behind the wheel of the factory when it was launched 20 years ago and is now proud of this new global production, orchestrated from France.

"The Valenciennes plant was privileged to launch this production and the fact of having two models, with slightly different life cycles, will allow us to keep production much more stabilized"He is satisfied. A few days ago, the new Yaris received the Origine France Garantie label, just like previous generations since 2012.

While our manufacturers are producing their Clio and 208 city cars in Slovenia and Turkey, the Japanese have invested 300 million euros in France and created 350 jobs for its new model. With 4,800 people, this factory became the second in France behind that of PSA in Sochaux, which undeniably revitalized the activity of the region.

However, when it started, few people believed in the success of this factory. It was Jean-Louis Borloo, at the time mayor of Valenciennes, who convinced the Japanese to choose this site among 70 other candidates.

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