The new Toyota Yaris Cross has a 116 hp hybrid engine based on an efficient thermal engine. This is the fourth generation of the Toyota hybrid system, renowned for its reliability and flexibility of use. The style of the small SUV gains in strength compared to the Yaris in the city variant, on which it is based, thanks to its raised ground clearance and its more muscular appearance. At 4.18 m long, the Yaris Cross Hybrid sits between the Yaris (3.94 m) and the C-HR (4.39 m). The Japanese manufacturer recently unveiled a new Adventure finish for its Yaris Cross, mainly distinguished by aesthetic characteristics (gray details on the outside, gold on the inside). This version is at the same level as the Collection finish which interests us here and is equipped, like it, with the head-up display, front / rear parking radars and dual-zone automatic air conditioning, among others. Online booking of the urban SUV will be possible from April 2021 and its marketing will take place next September.