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The majority of players in the automotive industry are currently working on a future organized around operating modes grouped under the acronym CASE for "connected", "autonomous", "shared" ("shared" in English) and "electric". In order to test and develop this type of ecosystem in real conditions, Toyota will build a city prototype, just that!

It is in Japan, at the foot of Mount Fuji, that this Woven City (woven city) will settle. The latter will cover approximately 70 hectares. Its roads will be divided into three categories: fast vehicles, slow vehicles and vulnerable users, and pedestrians only. The network will be organized as an organic network giving its name to the city. Inside the city, only electric and autonomous vehicles can take the main axes. Transport and deliveries will be provided by e-Pallets and flying drones will also be used to move goods.

2,000 volunteers expected

The Woven City will be designed by the Danish architect Bjarke Ingels to whom we notably owe the headquarters of Google in the USA or the Lego House in Denmark. The construction of the buildings, mainly in wood, will combine Japanese craftsmanship and robotics. Natural vegetation and hydroponic crops are announced. The city's electricity network will be powered by hydrogen cells and solar panels installed on the roofs of buildings. The houses will be equipped with various sensors monitoring elements such as the state of health of the occupants.

The Woven City is designed to accommodate 2,000 people at the start. They will be Toyota employees, scientists, retirees and industrial partners wishing to participate in this experiment. Construction should begin in early 2021. Discover the project on video.

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