Toyota SkyDrive 'Flying Car' Passes First Public Test Flight – Futura

It was to be operational in 2020 to make its debut for the Olympic Games in Tokyo (Japan), but the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 decided otherwise. However, the " flying car »SD-03 developed by SkyDrive, a start-up funded by Toyota, despite everything, made his first flight with a pilot and in public.

As is often the case with this type of aircraft, the flight was very short duration (4 minutes) and took place less than five meters from the ground. SkyDrive specifies that the pilot was not alone at the controls. He was assisted by a computer control system that managed the aircraft's stability while a team of technicians monitored the flight conditions.

The first public pilot flight for the SkyDrive SD-03. © SkyDrive

The term " car volante ”is above all marketing since in fact, the SD-03 is a adav (aircraft vertical take-off and landing) without wheels. It has eight rotors all powered by a dedicated electric motor. The single-seater machine is presented as the smallest adav electric in the world, measuring 4 meters long and wide and 2 meters high, occupying a space equivalent to two parked cars, according to the manufacturer.

SkyDrive does not currently provide any information on theautonomy, the performances and the possible automation of the piloting which is envisaged. Tests will continue with the objective of expanding the scope of flights beyond the test center. Toyota on which the first tests are carried out.

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