Toyota, Air Liquide, Idex and the Société du Taxi Électrique Parisien (STEP) have just joined forces in a new joint venture, HysetCo, which is the first asset company dedicated to the development of electric mobility through the hydrogen in the Paris region.

No more blue taxis that are green!

This new collaboration is intended to be an important step in the emergence of a so-called “hydrogen” company in France and especially in the development of Hype, the first “emission-free” taxi company in the world which has existed since 2015 and the COP21.
It will be remembered that the Hype-Taxis fleet is present in Paris but also throughout the Île-de-France.

HysetCo, the new joint venture, should help and facilitate the deployment of hydrogen electric vehicles in Paris but also in neighboring departments. In addition, HysetCo must participate and help install recharging infrastructure in the region.
Beyond the announcements, we learn that this new structure will allow the commissioning of some 600 taxis by the end of 2021.
Toyota, which is therefore fully involved in the adventure, is announcing that it will thus deliver some 500 additional Mirai (essentially the new version) by the end of 2021.
These will be added to the existing fleet which currently has 100 Hype taxis (Toyota Mirai 1 and Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell). In less than a year, nearly 600 Toyota Mirai will be in service in the streets and on the roads of Paris or Ile-de-France.

Infrastructure development

If we are to believe the elements presented, the fleet of Hype taxis will be able to count in the next years on the expansion of the network of hydrogen charging stations.
Thus, the recent opening of a new station at Roissy near Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport is added to the existing network (Paris-Orly, Les-Loges-en-Josas, Pont de l’Alma ).
This new hydrogen charging station located at Roissy is the result of Air Liquide’s work as part of a public / private partnership of FCH JU (Fuel VSells and Hydrogen Janointed Undertaking).

Finally, note that this new structure which promotes the transition of the passenger transport sector towards zero emissions with, as the avowed objective, “zero emissions” for taxis and VTCs for the Paris Olympic Games which are to take place during the summer 2024.

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Via Toyota.