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The Toyota Hilux in Mako version exacerbates the adventurous side of the Japanese pickup, already recognized worldwide for its robustness and reliability. This special finish can be made to order by Toyota Thames Vehicle Operations for customers in New Zealand. It is characterized by a complete set of features to facilitate off-road driving, a powerful 2.8 Diesel engine and a particularly neat interior with sporty accents. Unfortunately, the Hilux Mako should not be offered in Europe although we fully validate its “badass” look. This pick-up with a strong personality can still be exchanged for a check for around 80,000 Australian dollars, or around 45,000 €.


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Toyota Hilux Mako | the official photos of the pick-up

Photo Credit – Toyota

Capable of towing up to 3,500 kg, the Toyota Hilux Mako has a solid 2.8 turbo diesel four-cylinder engine developing 204 hp and 500 Nm of torque under its hood. Maybe not enough to climb trees, but at least enough to get you out of ruts and muddy paths with no difficulty. To this end, the pickup also gets Maxxis Razr all-terrain tires mounted on 18-inch rims painted in matte black. This is not the only distinctive stylistic element of the Mako, which is adorned with black plastic fender wideners at the four corners and original “bulbar” steel bumpers, improving its angles of attack and leak. For better shock absorption and customizable adjustment to your liking, Old Man Emu BP-51 shocks from ARB are fitted to the Hilux Mako while it adopts aviation hoses for more enduring braking. Finally, semi-bucket leather seats with integrated headrests take place in the cabin of the pick-up, which also adopts a blue mark at 12 o'clock on its steering wheel, also wrapped in leather.

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