Every year, Interbrand focuses on the most popular and popular brands, including those in the automotive industry. Toyota is once again the winner of the standings.

Japanese giant Toyota, valued at $ 51.6 billion, topped the Interbrand rankings, just ahead of the duo Mercedes and BMW. The only downside that weighs this result down is that all car manufacturers, except Hyundai, have obtained a drop in their grade. On the French side, no brand appears in the Top 15 of the ranking.

This ranking takes into account many criteria such as the brand's image with customers, its financial balance but also the importance of its group.

Toyota, good student on emissions

It must be said that if Toyota is at the top of the ranking, it is also thanks to its very good financial results. Same plebiscite concerning environmental issues: the brand favors hybridization, and even sports cars have a very good place when it comes to CO2 emissions. This is the case of GT86, Supra, GR Yaris …