Toyota announces the arrival of a Yaris GR-4 – Motor1 France

If we criticized Toyota, it was not so long ago, not to go wild, the Japanese firm ended up making us lie. Indeed, after the return of the Supra, the previous Yaris GRMN or the presence of a big atmospheric V8 on the Lexus side, Toyota announced today the arrival of a Yaris GR-4. It will not be the prototype of a sports series Yaris, but a rally car as confirmed by Toyota France. Which, after all, is quite logical in the sense that the Yaris GRMN of previous generation arrived very late, as to celebrate the end of career of the third generation.

Still, Toyota should look or is already looking at the sports version of the fourth generation of Yaris. Will it resume the same basis as its predecessor, that is to say, a four-cylinder block 1.8 liter gasoline 212 horses? There is a good chance that no, especially given the current context unfavorable to small IWGs. The next Yaris GR should therefore go through the Hybridization box, it is still necessary to know in what form. Recall that the platform of the new Toyota Yaris can accommodate an electric motor at the rear axle, which could be a four-wheel drive. It remains to be seen if the all-wheel drive really has an interest in a sports car.

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