Toyota, a French factory, Japanese version – TURBO issue of 11/10/2020 –

The tests of the Toyota Yaris and Mazda MX-30, a comparison between the different versions of the Hyundai Kona, the Beijing motor show, or an investigation into the influence of Toyota in Valenciennes are on the program of the TURBO program. Sunday, October 11, 2020, with the visit of the Toyota plant in Valencienne as a common theme.

Dominique Chapatte takes you to Valenciennes for a guided tour of the Toyota factory, the only production site of the Japanese brand installed on French territory.

Didier Leroy, currently Chairman of the Board of Directors, comments on the incredible story of the birth of the site, which has continued to grow for 19 years.

This plant currently has 4,800 employees and 700,000 vehicles produced.

The table of contents :

  • New: Toyota Yaris 4 hybrid is the best-selling foreign car in France. This 4th generation completely renews the hybrid version of its predecessor with large reinforcements of significant investments.
  • Event: Beijing Motor Show, the only auto show in 2020 is Chinese! Black alleys of people, sound, hostesses and even European novelties sold in China, like the Audi Q5 Sportback in an extended version.
  • Investigation : Toyota's influence in Valenciennes, 19 years later, the Toyota plant is the second largest automotive industry behind Peugeot-Sochaux. Its establishment has changed the economic, social and human universe of the region of Valenciennes.
  • Trial : Mazda MX-30, the electric is becoming a must for all manufacturers. Mazda now offers a small electric SUV to enrich its range.
  • Unusual: Seen on the net, the crazy sequences unearthed on the net
  • Comparative : 4 versions of Kona, hybrid, electric, diesel, gasoline, difficult to navigate… During a road trip between town and mountain, you will see that preconceived ideas are undermined!

And like every week, the automotive news.

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