Tournefeuille. Conference-debate with two psychologists

On Thursday, the Media Library hosted the Café des parents in collaboration with the city's Parentality Space, for a meeting and debate with two doctors of psychology from Toulouse, Sarah Perier and Raquel Sanchez Rodriguez. The conference was broadcast live on the Facebook account of their professional page. The two young women did their thesis together and find themselves professionally. The theme "exhausted parents, all concerned" gathered a large audience and mostly women. The opportunity to discuss the concepts of parental burnout and mental stress.

When the child appears, many parents give themselves 100% forgetting themselves and the evolution of society has moved in this direction by adding a lot of pressure. "Before it was self-evident. Then there were conflicting books and injunctions. The child king challenged authority, but the need for a framework remains." Recalling this story of parenting education, Raquel Sanchez made parenting burnout part of a societal shift.

After 45 minutes of conference, the public was able to discuss, testify, and share (excluding social networks).

This event was part of "Famille en fête", as it does every year in the town during the start of the school year.

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