If you think it’s too late to offer yourself a real vacation in the heart of Quebec’s most popular destination, think again! As the beautiful season approaches, the Gaspé is ready to welcome tourists looking for wide open spaces and a change of scenery. The secret to a memorable trip to the peninsula: proper vacation planning.

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When to visit


Good to know: the high season in the Gaspé extends from Saint-Jean-Baptiste to Labor Day. If you plan to visit this beautiful region at the end of July or August, know that the traffic is then at its maximum. So be sure to book accommodation and activities before packing to make the most of your vacation. Periods with less crowds – June, early July and early September – offer tourists the chance to discover the Gaspé and all of its activities in a less effervescent setting. So, are you more of the “heat of the moment” type or
” Safe Haven ” ?

From the north or from the south?


At the entrance to the peninsula, in Sainte-Flavie, two itineraries are available to vacationers wanting to experience the adventure of touring the Gaspé Peninsula. Starting your journey from the north, the river will open up before your eyes, while the southbound loop offers you a breathtaking view of the sea, which narrows over the kilometers. To take their tour at a pace that allows them to soak up the spirit of the place, travelers generally spend 10 to 15 days. If you only have 5 or 6 days, choose a sector of the region and discover its many attractions.

What inspires you?


The tourist circuits represent another original way of discovering this vast territory so much loved. You don’t want to miss any of the history and heritage of the Gaspé? Do you want to savor the region to the fullest and meet the enthusiasts who are behind its gourmet pleasures? Are you accompanied by little explorers, just as excited as you are to be amazed by the landscapes, wildlife and nature? Whatever the formula of your stay, Tourisme Gaspésie offers thematic tours that allow you to discover the attractions of the place according to your preferences and tastes.

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Hotel, lodging, campsite, youth hostel…?


This year again, trying to find a place to sleep at the last minute is not recommended. The sanitary measures to be observed by establishments can have an impact on the number of travelers they are able to accommodate and on the services available. While most cabins have found a taker for a long time, the Gaspé can count on a host of other solutions to allow its visitors to find accommodation: in a tent, for example, or in ready-to-camp, in the comfort of a hotel room or in a picturesque lodge. Fortunately, there are still places available throughout the territory for this summer! Don’t delay in booking a place to sleep for your vacation.

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What to do ?


The Gaspé is a vast playground for young and old alike. Between the mountains, the beach, the national parks, the maritime getaways, the charm of the villages, the outdoor adventures, the roads to cross, the gourmet stops and the terraces, there is so much to see and do! Again, for a 100% successful vacation, the key is to plan. Find a host of ideas for activities to do on the Tourisme Gaspésie blog, broken down by theme: waterfalls to see, microbreweries to visit, essential hikes, and more.

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A tool to help you

Accustomed to seeing vacationers all smiles on its territory, Tourisme Gaspésie has given itself the mandate to support Quebecers in planning their next trip. Unique in its kind, its new planner is the benchmark for organizing an unforgettable trip to Gaspé soil. Build a 100% personalized itinerary based on the accommodation you have chosen, activities on your schedule and suggestions for stops on your route. The planner will calculate the distances to be traveled for you and help you stay on course on your route.

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