Tourism Weekly | Hainan's "Boat" Special Yacht Tour From "Niche High-end" into the lives of ordinary people

Yacht tour from "niche high-end" into the life of ordinary people

Hainan Boat Special

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■ Hainan Daily reporter Li Yanmei

In the past summer vacation, many people posted photos of Hainan yacht tourism on major social platforms such as Weibo, WeChat Moments, and Xiaohongshu.

In recent years, with the further relaxation of yacht tourism control, the standardized development of the yacht charter market, and the civilianization of yacht travel expenses, Hainan yacht tourism is riding a "heat wave", setting off a new wave in a market where young consumers occupy the mainstream. More and more tourists come to Hainan as a must-have item for sightseeing.

At present, Haikou, Sanya, Lingshui, Wanning and other places have launched a wealth of yacht tourism products. When traveling to Hainan, you can choose to take a yacht out to sea, start a journey of intimate contact with the sea, relax and discover the beauty of Hainan from multiple perspectives.

Price popularization

Experience the "boat" life

In the evening, with the afterglow of the setting sun, at the Sanya Hongzhou International Yacht Club Marina, one after another yachts returned to the port one after another, and the tourists who came back from the trip were still very interested. "Going out on a yacht can enjoy the beautiful scenery of coastal cities, but also experience motorboats, banana boats, fishing and other projects on the sea, and feel the charm of the sea in all directions." Tourist Zhang Chi said.

In the past, for the general public, taking a yacht to sea was a luxury, because the rental price of a yacht was as high as tens of thousands of yuan. Nowadays, driven by a series of favorable policies, yacht tourism is moving from "niche high-end" to "mass leisure" and into the homes of ordinary people.

"In recent years, Sanya has tried out'yacht leasing', using a time-sharing leasing experience model to make yacht tours affordable for ordinary people. Depending on the project, tourists can experience a yacht outing for a time ranging from 200 yuan to 400 yuan. To the mass consumer market." said Zuo Zhiyong, executive deputy secretary-general of Sanya Yacht Sailing Association.

Taking a yacht out to sea, tourists can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea and the sky, but also experience various forms of marine entertainment, including sailing experiences that test the ability of teamwork, exciting and fun marine sports, and snorkeling that can calmly feel the charm of the sea. Sea fishing and other products.

Huang Feng, head of Hainan Xinhangjia Yacht Co., Ltd. said: "In Sanya, tourists can choose to go to sea by boat or charter. The way of several groups of families taking a yacht out to sea is the most popular in the market. '. It can not only satisfy the curiosity of ordinary tourists to experience yachting, but also allow yacht tourism to enter the lives of more ordinary people, and open up a new market space."

It is understood that in Sanya, there are 90-minute sea yachting experience and 180-minute deep sea yachting projects for tourists to choose from. Visitors participating in the experience tour learn basic skills such as sail-lifting, pinching, and steering under the guidance of professional coaches, and participate in sea navigation together; participants in the in-depth tour can also experience motorboating, sea fishing, snorkeling, and sailing skills. The experience of swimming in the sea is more diverse and rich.

The Qingshui Bay Yacht Club, located in Lingshui Li Autonomous County, is also a great place to experience the speed at sea. "We are committed to promoting the civilianization of yachts. We are building a full-line and full-yacht industry chain yacht town, which provides various levels of yacht rental and sales services, and has opened up sea-themed parties, sailing summer camps, sea fishing, diving, surfing and other public pros Water sports, so that anyone can experience the joy of sailing." The person in charge of Lingshui Qingshuiwan Yacht Club introduced.

00320851487 2332d543 - Tourism Weekly | Hainan&#39;s &quot;Boat&quot; Special Yacht Tour From &quot;Niche High-end&quot; into the lives of ordinary people

Yacht tourism attracts more tourists to experience with preferential prices. Photo by Hainan Daily reporter Feng Shuo

Customized service

Enjoy the "boat" high-end

What kind of experience is it like to have a live CS at sea? A few days ago, a company organized its employees to take a yacht out to sea in Sanya to carry out team building activities, and experienced a thrilling live CS sport at sea. Participants take the yacht as a unit. They wear safety helmets, wear equipment, and hold "machine guns" shuttled between the deck and cabin to jointly "confront" other yacht crews. During the period, the yacht accelerated and circled on the sea, adding speed and passion to the game.

"This is our custom-designed yacht tourism product based on the specific preferences, needs and uses of our customers." Hainan Hongzhou Marine Tourism Co., Ltd. Marketing Manager Cui Xiaojin introduced. The reporter learned that on the basis of launching conventional yacht tourism products that can meet the needs of the public, many yacht tourism companies in Sanya can also provide customized services according to customer needs to meet the different needs of different customer groups.

For example, in response to the company’s needs for team building activities, a dual-powered yacht sailing competition can be customized. Under the guidance of professional coaches, the team members raise the sail, steer, and move forward by themselves. Through the competition, the team’s collaboration ability is trained to enhance team cohesion.

Yachts also bear people's romantic dreams. Nowadays, they go out to sea on a yacht and promise forever in the sea and sky. Holding a yacht wedding has become the choice of many couples.

"In yacht weddings, couples and relatives can enjoy yacht trips. In addition to experiencing maritime sightseeing and marine entertainment, we are also equipped with professional wedding planners, photographers, hosts, etc., and decorate the yacht with balloons and flowers. Create exclusive romantic sea memories for new couples." Xu Qiang, head of Xinghua Yacht Marina (Sanya Xinghua Tourism Development Co., Ltd.), introduced that many new couples also choose to take wedding photos on the yacht to record their sweet moments.

Hainan has a warm climate, unique marine resources, and a wide variety of fish species. It is known as the "sea fishing paradise". To this end, many yacht tourism companies in Hainan have customized fishing and yacht tourism products. Visitors can sit on the yacht and enjoy the sea view while looking forward to the joy of harvest and enjoying the quiet time out to sea.

Learn while playing

Feel the charm of "boat"

As a new classroom on the road, the research trip of "promoting learning through research, uniting knowledge and action" has been in the ascendant in recent years. With the increasing popularity of yacht tours, more and more parents have begun to try to take their children out to sea to experience the fun of riding the wind and waves.

On the yacht, the captain explains marine knowledge to the children, leads them to experience sailing skills such as raising sails and steering, and encourages them to challenge themselves and increase their knowledge and experience. In addition, children can also experience marine entertainment such as banana boats, motor boats, and parasailing, enjoy fruits and drinks on the yacht, take pictures, and leave unforgettable memories of going to sea.

If a yacht trip is still unfulfilled, parents can take their children to participate in a one-day OP sailing training camp. On this day, children will learn about sailing knowledge, understand sailing culture and sailing etiquette, and experience the making of sailboat models, and group sailboat assembly competitions to promote learning. Children will also go to sea, operate the OP sailboat under the guidance of the coach, experience the feeling of sailing in the sea, and train the ability of unity and cooperation.

"Sailing is a team sport. It not only helps children overcome the fear of the sea, but also cultivates and masters communication skills, collaboration skills, leadership and resilience through teamwork. For children, it is not only a sport, It is also a process of self-discovery, self-improvement, and self-improvement." Cui Xiaojin said.

00320851489 a332a750 - Tourism Weekly | Hainan&#39;s &quot;Boat&quot; Special Yacht Tour From &quot;Niche High-end&quot; into the lives of ordinary people

Tourists fishing in Sanya by yacht. Photo by Hainan Daily reporter Feng Shuo


Yacht out to sea

Essential posture

1. Equipment ready to go to sea

Sunglasses, diving watch, sunscreen, swimwear, swimming goggles, etc. are essential equipment for yachts to go to sea. Given the unpredictable sea weather, carrying a windbreaker is also a smart choice. In addition to the splashing waves at any time, a lightweight waterproof bag and a portable waterproof bag for storing digital electronic products are also wise.

2. Learn the etiquette of going to sea

People often have curiosity and desire to explore yachts, and eagerly hope to board the boat to explore it, but it is the basic etiquette to obtain the consent of the captain or owner before boarding the boat. After boarding, take good care of the yacht to keep it clean, and carefully read the instructions for the use of various life-saving and living facilities to avoid embarrassing situations. Respect for the limited private space of others is also a basic rule of yacht etiquette.

00320851490 6f03dd09 - Tourism Weekly | Hainan&#39;s &quot;Boat&quot; Special Yacht Tour From &quot;Niche High-end&quot; into the lives of ordinary people

Tourists take a yacht out to sea in Sanya and enjoy leisure time. Photo by Hainan Daily reporter Feng Shuo

3. Remember the precautions when going to sea

After boarding the boat, please confirm the specific locations of life jackets, life buoys and fire fighting equipment according to the signs on the boat.

After boarding the boat, tourists should not sit on the railings or squeeze to one side; when walking on the boat, do not run to prevent slipping; when other yachts are approaching, do not bring their body close to another yacht to avoid accidents.

The boat will fluctuate due to swells at sea. Don't panic or jump. Grasp the railings and keep your mobile phones, watches, cameras, video equipment and other valuables so as not to fall into the sea.

Tourists who like to swim in the sea, need to put on a life jacket after the yacht is stopped and the motor is turned off, and then go to the sea from the yacht's rear deck gangway. It is strictly forbidden to go to sea privately when the yacht is not stopped and the motor is not turned off.

(Li Yanmei Collection)

Hainan "boat" data

The province has built and operated 14 yacht piers, 2,312 berths, more than 150 yacht industry chain related enterprises, and 747 registered yachts. (As of August 2020)

Sanya has 5 marina with a total of 862 berths, 4 registered yacht clubs, about 60 companies engaged in yacht leasing services in Sanya, and 587 yachts.

Currently, the yachts on the Sanya market are mainly powered boats and dual-powered boats (commonly known as sailboats).

Lingshui Qingshuiwan Yacht Club has 780 international standard berths and can berth a maximum of 150 feet for super yachts. It is the largest yacht port in Asia, the second port in our province that can enter and exit overseas yachts, and the first substantial yacht in my country. Pilot free exercise.

(TextLi Yanmei DrawingXu Li)

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