The Tourism Certificate, which began operating from this Monday, comes to replace the Summer Certificate which worked during the summer season.

To obtain it, the visitor must process it digital form -either on this website or in the Caring App-. Once inside the form, the person must be clear about what they are going to travel to, where they are going to stay and who they are going to travel with.

The Tourism Certificate has no management changes regarding the Summer Certificate and involves exactly the same steps. It can be carried digitally or in print.

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Steps to obtain the permit:

1- Enter the website and click the “Get it out now” button.

2- Choose if you have DNI Argentine or not and then the destination you want to visit.

3- Fill in the personal information who is processing the permit and the entire family group (name, surname, address, ID, email, cell phone and emergency contact). It is a permit per family.

4- Then, there is a special section to add data from the family group with which you will travel and gives the option to choose between: “over 13 years old who uses the Caring app” or “Under 13 years old or older who does not use the Caring app”. The corresponding option is selected and filled in with the data of that person.

5- Fill with the destination and transport data, where it should be detailed what type of accommodation is going to be used (a private home or a lodging) and a reservation voucher can be attached. With respect to transport It must be stated if it is your own car or contracted transport. In the first case, vehicle data must be entered and in the second, supporting papers may be attached.

Once the process is finished, the user must wait 48 hours to receive the confirmation.

You can check the status of the process at this website with ID and application number.