Total Decadence – Review

  • Total Decadence Review - Total Decadence - Review

    Range Rover SVR

    Credit: Land Rover

  • 1602321180 106 Total Decadence Review - Total Decadence - Review

    Range Rover SVR

    Credit: Land Rover

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    Range Rover SVR

    Credit: Land Rover

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    Range Rover SVR

    Credit: Land Rover

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    Range Rover SVR

    Credit: Land Rover

While all brands are in the process of switching to hybrids, that we get "extra" electric motors glued to us as soon as we have the opportunity to transfer two cylinders, that governments force brands to sell cars which do not pollute and which do not make noise at the risk of paying mountains of taxes. In an age when riding an electric car is almost as Rock'n Roll as riding an electric scooter, pulling out a 575 horsepower SUV is a sweet provocation that I love.

More Power and More NOISE !!!

While the media are advertising the new Range Rover Sport Hybrid which is environmentally responsible, the former British brand took the opportunity to quietly release its latest SVR model. At Land Rover, when we release an SVR version – we do it far from ecological strongholds at the risk of being thrown stones, yet it is a car that remains a car that still offers a certain "onanic driving pleasure" that is practically on the verge of extinction.

Seen from the outside, the SVR is nothing more than a Range Rover – it's only by looking at the details that one realizes quite quickly that this is not the hybrid version – yes, it There is no charging socket in the front grille of the vehicle, but above all there are the four exhaust pipes and the domed hood which leaves no doubt. For the rest, it's a Range Rover and when you open the door, you find yourself in the usual atmosphere of the brand with a plus: the sport side of the ultra-enveloping bucket seats, so enveloping that going out becomes an experience. .

One world: SPORT

But to be frank with you, the interest of the Range SVR is not so much the luxury or the interior comfort, or the debauchery of carbon that one finds in the corners of the vehicle, no, the interest is. is the debauchery of unnecessary and polluting horses that we will find under the hood, not to mention the noise. AAAAHHHH, the noise of the SVR is still an exceptional thing that makes me feel good as soon as I switch on the ignition. First and foremost, as in all modern vehicles, there are several driving modes – and as with all modern vehicles, there is no other mode that is worth using and on the Range Rover, it is even worse. Ultimately, I want to use the snow mode to go skiing when global warming is over because we have stopped polluting, but that's the most I'm prepared to do.

Better than a GTS

No, on this vehicle you have to use the SPORT mode and the 575 horsepower on every street corner, you have to press the accelerator sharply and let go suddenly so that it makes gas returns and we see the indicator. of instant fuel consumption, explode directly to 30 liters per 100. After, the big brother of the range is versatile, there is a huge trunk as in all Range's, we can accommodate children and dogs – well that the dog doesn't look at me the same since he climbed into it. It's still an SUV with everything that goes with an SUV, except it goes up to 100 an hour faster than a Cayman GTS – well, faster than a tenth of a second – but still.

Rolling Stones education

Regardless, this stuff is a monster and I'm totally nuts about it. It's not so much because it's a riot of power, but above all because in 2020 – the year when we were forbidden to do just about everything and that we valued hybrids and electric, spending the weekend with a 5 liter engine and 575 horsepower is a bit like spending two days training with Mick Jagger to learn how to eat and live healthy. The Range Rover SVR is Satan who would have been given four wheels and a steering wheel. And when you take it to the mountains, it tends to behave like a Subaru WRX with impressive handling, then you just have to wear the 'mullet' fit and you blend in like a native.

In conclusion, my two weeks at the wheel of the jewel of Land Rover made me feel like I was permanently in the most total illegality, the softest and totally off the hook. And then, this feeling of being glared at by guys on electric scooters in the streets of the town at the end of the lake, made me want to continue even more – just have to find a solution to register it. without being murdered by the navigation services and its prohibitive taxes. Anyway, it's a shame that we're destroying a certain automotive pleasure – but driving with such a monster reconciles you somewhere with the asphalt – not with the right-thinking environmentalists, nor with the constabulary, but with bitumen and molten rubber, it is a certainty. This car is evil personified … and it's so good.

I regret only one thing, and that is that I cannot imitate the sound of the SVR accelerating in sport mode.

Thomas Veillet

Technical sheet :

Range Rover SVR 2020

Power: 575 hp

Fiscal power: 50 CV

Max speed: 280 km / h

0 to 100 km / h: 4.5 seconds

Weight: 2310 kilos

Consumption: 10 liters per 100 kilometers, in eco mode and downhill

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