Top psychologists compare Trump to Hitler and Mussolini in new documentary

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Donald Trump's psychosis is on full screen for anyone to see, day in and day out, on TV and on Twitter. But for those who want a more complete and damning portrait of her free space – and who have already devoured her niece Mary Trump's bestseller Too much and never enough#Unfit: The psychology of Donald Trump arrived to further brand the current Commander-in-Chief as a madman ill-suited to public service. Premiering in virtual theaters on August 28 and on digital / streaming TVOD on September 1, this is a convincingly reasoned and executed evisceration of a president who is fundamentally – and dangerously – unworthy of the Oval Office. .

Like everything that has been said or written about Trump, Dan Partland's documentary will be somewhat outdated by the time it debuts; there is simply no way for a film to be totally up to date when the American leader so often stirs up new outrages, blunders and scandals. Still, if he misses Trump's latest blunders and criminal behavior – like his castration of the U.S. Postal Service and the admission he did to tip the election in his favor –#Unfit remains a precious glimpse in a completely rotten mind until and including the March coronavirus outbreak. Guided by interviewees whose commentary is ably complemented by snippets of supporting evidence for Trump saying all sorts of horrible things, he details the various personality traits that motivate his monstrous behavior and shines a light on how his own failures signify a potential catastrophe for American democracy.

Kevin Costner thinks Trump's interference in post office is "criminal"

George Conway, co-founder of the Lincoln Project, kicks things off by rhetorically asking, “What's wrong with him? Donald Trump is like a practical joke that has gotten out of hand. Unfortunately, #Unfit it’s not about laughing. Director Partland begins his break with the current president by turning to reputable psychologists, including John Gartner, Lances Dodes and Justin Frank, who diagnose Trump as a "malicious narcissist," a classification that has four components: narcissism, paranoia, disorder. of antisocial personality and sadism. Trump's display of these qualities is meticulously detailed in passages that make extensive use of his audio interviews, press conferences, rally speeches, and a 1993 Howard Stern interview in which he ranks celebrities according to their heat and half-jokingly admits that he doesn't. t Treat women with respect.

“Trump is a sociopath. A sadist. A crook. A racist. A misogynist. A sexist in general. And I think that's a problem, ”Frank says, providing the most amusing understatement of the whole thing. Having initially probed Trump's mind and found only arrogance, selfishness, greed, a thirst for power and a complete disinterest in one's neighbor – or knowledge of the world, divergent opinions or any other subject –#Unfit continues to expand its reach by explaining its corrosive tactics, such as gas lighting. Additional examples, such as a discussion of the Ashes Experience – in which the lies told by many convince a few to doubt the obvious facts they see – speak to Trump's method of using deception to spread the law. confusion and mistrust.

A segment on Trump's education suggests that what he learned most from Father Fred was to despise those below him and to vengeance crush anyone who dared to oppose him. As Gartner and colleagues explain, the fact that a US president may suffer from a mental disorder does not in itself disqualify him from the job; Abraham Lincoln, Gartner speculates, might have been the ideal Civil War leader precisely because his depressive nature meant he was used to enduring great emotional pain. In Trump's case, however, his shortcomings mark him as a sociopathic megalomaniac who only cares about himself – so that, as sports editor Rick Reilly tells, Trump is actually rigging his personal golf cart for the sake of it. make it faster, all of this so that he can accelerate towards his ball in front of his competitors to cheat.

While Trump might be a historically horrible president, #Unfit does not claim that he is a very unique figure because, as Gartner says, he shares the same psychological profile and characteristics of autocrats like Mussolini and Hitler. Gartner's claim that 'they're cut from the same cloth' is supported by other historians and mental health professionals who make direct connections between Trump's MO and those of the 1930s fascists who exploited and amplified existing economic fears, prejudices and discontent to seize power and then systematically sterilize institutions that could challenge it. #Unfit illustrates, in a clear and concise manner, that Trump is playing with the standard authoritarian playbook, including stoking ethno-nationalist movements and aligning himself with other despots such as Erdogan, Bolsonaro and Putin.

In the interest of including a voice that is not 100% anti-Trump, #Unfit features contribution from Anthony Scaramucci, Trump's communications director, Wink and You Missed It, who largely denounces his former boss but nonetheless credits him with identifying and handling grievances of some white Americans (which is true) and not to be a racist but, instead, an "asshole" (which is respectively false and true). Bill Kristol, meanwhile, condemns Trump as unfit to serve because of his character and judgment, and Conway admits that he originally believed Trump's intolerant rants were simply a function of his narcissism (that is, that is, he uses hateful language against anyone who doesn't see him as a deity), but was soon swayed by the sheer ugliness of his vitriol.

#Unfit confirms that Trump is a lot of wrongdoing, but the main one is that he is a threat to the democratic experiment carried out in this country for almost two and a half centuries. With the vindictive temper of this mortally deranged man, his unwillingness to learn anything or take anyone's advice, and contempt for the people he serves and the government structures and principles designed to guide his actions (while having the finger on the nuclear trigger), there is a national disaster waiting to happen. Its catastrophic inability to respond to the pandemic in a successful – or human way – is therefore only the greatest of its many failures, resulting to date over 170,000 American deaths and untold damage to the economy and social fabric. Americans. As Partland's doc acknowledges, he's an individual doomed to wreak havoc with his inherent makeup.

In other words, give it a few more days, and it will do something else that is unforgivably dreadful.

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