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Find our TOP 5 of the best videos of the week on 3D printing and additive manufacturing. This week, we show you how Lamborghini and 3D printing go hand in hand: a family has indeed been rewarded by the car manufacturer for having 3D printed a replica of one of their models! You’ll also see how 3D printing is disrupting the rail and construction markets. Share your videos and give your opinion in comments on the article or on the Facebook account of 3Dnatives. A very good Sunday to all !

TOP 1: A loan of the most appreciated : You probably remember this father and his son who 3D printed a replica of a Lamborghini Aventador SV in their garage. After two years of work, they presented the final result which amazed us! Apparently, we are not the only ones to have appreciated this initiative since the car manufacturer himself congratulated this family. Indeed, the company wanted to surprise the 12-year-old son by replacing the 3D printed replica with a real Aventador S Roadster for the Christmas holidays! The family enjoyed the car for two weeks:

TOP 2: Dagoma on the radio: A little before the Christmas holidays, we presented the new platform of the French manufacturer Dagoma, Toy Rescue. The company's goal is to give broken toys a second life rather than throw them away by offering several free spare parts, printable directly at home or through a network of makers. This is a project that made noise and which clearly appealed because, in addition to the few television appearances, Dagoma was able to enjoy the Net Plus Ultra broadcast of France Inter on the radio:

TOP 3: Additive manufacturing in the railway sector: Deutsche Bahn is one of the most important railway players in Europe, transporting millions of people every day in different countries. It has been using additive manufacturing for several years now, particularly in the production of spare parts. It uses one of the 3YOURMIND software solutions to identify the parts that could be 3D printed on trains, whether these components are visible or not. The solution, Part Identifier, allows them to assess the potential of 3D printing and to be more agile:

TOP 4: 3D printing and the American army: Future American soldiers should be protected in future by 3D printed bulletproof vests! The U.S. Army’s research laboratory is studying different materials, including ceramic, to design a stronger, more resistant solution while being lighter. The laboratory modified a 3D printer with molten material deposit to be able to extrude two different materials:

TOP 5: Meet the ICON manufacturer: If you follow the news of additive manufacturing, you have surely heard of the ICON company which develops concrete 3D printers. In collaboration with New Story, she decided to create accessible houses in disadvantaged neighborhoods – in fact, one of the first projects is under construction in Mexico. In the video below, Jesse Orrall met Alex Le Roux, co-founder and CTO of ICON, to learn more about how their machines work and their ambitions:

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TOP 5 videos of the week a Lamborghini for Christmas… - TOP 5 videos of the week: a Lamborghini for Christmas… - 3dnatives

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