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BMW has been a partner of the Mission: Impossible film franchise since 2011. It was then the Concept i8 at the time that made an appearance in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. A partnership that continued until the sixth installment, the latest, Mission: Impossible – Fallout, in which Tom Cruise, aka Ethan Hunt, drove a BMW M5.

And it is now the seventh installment that is underway, and as we do not change a winning team, it seems that BMW is maintaining its collaboration with the action film, at least if we are based on these images. uploaded to YouTube by SupercarsNews. Check out the video above.

While the resolution of the pictures does not tell us whether Hunt is driving a 5 Series or an M5, a frame-by-frame glance allows us to see the rear diffuser and the four tailpipes indicating that it is. acts well of the sports version. What is clear is that the scene was shot in the narrow streets of Rome, for a chase with the police.

Although used to doing everything (or almost) himself, it is difficult to determine here if it is indeed Tom Cruise behind the wheel who does the stunts. However, it wouldn't be too much of a surprise if it was him, given the thumbnail that accompanies the video and the fact that he's used to doing his own car chases in previous Mission: Impossible movies.

One more thing. Have you noticed the cameras chasing the vehicles? Well, one is a Nissan GT-R, while the other looks like a first-gen Porsche Cayenne – both in black and modified for some camera functions. It's always nice to see.

Mission: Impossible 7 is set to hit theaters in over a year on November 19, 2021, with a direct sequel the following year, around the same time. Its release was originally scheduled for July 23, 2021, but has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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