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Discover why Malta has become one of the most impressive tourist destinations that can be visited, its paradisiacal beaches, activities, monuments, temples and culture fall in love with anyone who decides to organize their trip to this beautiful island

In recent years, many people have decided Travel to Malta, this has made this country one of the best places to spend your holidays, a small island with a unsurpassed charm, paradisiacal beaches, monuments, temples, museums, leisure and activities of all kinds, which are incredibly detailed on the reference website on Tourism in Malta, to visit:

Why is Malta so Awesome?
Malta has many spectacular things, such as the fact that it has 365 churches built, that it has dozens of old sunken ships on its shores, that it preserves one of the most spectacular ancient medieval cities in existence (mdina), countless ancient forts and bastions. and much more.

Architecture, History and Monuments
Throughout the island of Malta, there are cities with an architecture very marked by history, bastions, forts, fortifications, all always accompanied by spectacular views and some of the most spectacular beaches in the entire Mediterranean Sea.

Cities like La Valletta, Mdina, or the three cities of Cottonera are tourist destinations full of life, atmosphere, activities and spectacular hotels.

Its incredible beaches
Malta's beaches are one of the main attractions. Throughout the island, you are going to enjoy movie beaches, in fact, this is real, since in Malta scenes from movies as spectacular as The Count of Monte Cristo, Troy, by Brad Pitt, or even some have been recorded. of the most iconic places in the fictional series Game of Thrones.

All the beaches mix nature with tourism, full of services and activities for the most active tourists.

If you decide to travel to Malta, you will also find countless almost virgin, less visited, spectacular beaches.

Some unique cities
More and more people decide to live in Malta, work or study, they are full of life, shops, restaurants, places to visit, viewpoints, etc. the culture is close, the priority language is Maltese and English.

It will be practically impossible to be left with nothing to do during your stay on the island.

An unbeatable climate
Throughout the year, Malta maintains a great temperature, neither cold nor excessive heat, perfect for spending the summer, spending a week on vacation or even spending Christmas.

During the summer months, the island is full of tourism, you can party practically any night, during the day, there are excursions and activities anywhere.

If you are looking for a quieter stay, spring and autumn will be the best time to travel to Malta.

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